Castle & Beckett Say What they Mean in “Hitched”: S on Castle 4×10 “Cuffed”

Castle CuffedJ wrote a lovely analysis of “Cuffed” that covers pretty much everything. Check it out. Because we often share a wavelength when it comes to Castle she mostly tells it like I see it. Instead of retreading, I’m mostly going to cover the crazy games of Castle and Beckett. Read on!

At first glance, “Cuffed” is a massive wink and nudge to the Castle/Beckett shippers of the show. There was a huge step forward in the flirtation for the pair, moving from mostly verbal innuendo and teasing to full contact physical comedy. More than that, this is a huge step forward in their relationship. Since Castle and Beckett revealed their mutual feelings for one another these charged exchanges take on new meanings, the flirting and teasing possess an acknowledged truth barely disguised by jokes.

It’s frustrating, for both the shippers and for Castle and Beckett, the excuses for staying apart seem to be wearing thin. The more aggressive style of their flirting, suggestions of spending the night, and their lives together are true, and at this point Beckett is barely putting any effort into holding up those wall of hers. The flirting displayed in “Cuffed” reads as truth, seemingly the couple is reevaluating the whole “waiting until we’re all sorted out” idea by pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in their current “not a couple” arrangement. Don’t they know that no one is ever free of their issues, they may as well face them together, but real together. Give me the text without the sub, you know you want to.

Castle Cuffed 2

No Beckett, You're not Dreaming

That being said, the flirting was hilarious, but there’s only so much longer we can watch them be so frustratingly close, and how long the characters can be so close without a change in the status-quo.

Beneath the hilarious and sexually suggestive teasing that lasted most of the hour,  lie the darker themes that weren’t mentioned this week but remain present for all of us paying attention. Beckett did briefly mentioned her shooting, but only in the context how she wasn’t about to be eaten by a tiger. She was hardly alluding to her deep emotional scars, although the mention reminds us that they’re there. Beckett might be ready to share her baggage with Castle as she becomes even more forward in “Cuffed”, but let’s not forget the secrets that Castle has been carrying with him related to the murder of Beckett’s mother, the  case she’s based her life around.

“Cuffed”, in all it’s hilarious fun glory, feels like it’s headed towards a breaking point for Castle and Beckett. Upping the stakes to move forward in the relationship, and bringing existing secrets into play.

A couple of other bits:

  • Ryan taking relationship advice from Esposito? Yikes, sometimes a canoe is just a canoe…
  • …but sometimes “hitched” isn’t really just a slip of the tongue.
  • Beckett and Castle’s exchange about Lanie and Esposito is even more awesome because they are aware of how it reflects their status
  • Iron Gates with a Gun
  • Flat out hilarious: Texan Tiger smugglers!
  • I was unspoiled, at first I thought it was human traffiking, I’m so glad Castle avoided that decidedly much darker path in this episode
  • I loved the bits where Castle and Beckett were recovering from their tranqs and were piecing together how they got there
  • The lock picking – just another example of how Beckett’s impatience with Castle has turned into believing him, some of the time.
  • How many times will these crazy kids get trapped/kidnapped?
  • Hitched, Cuffed “JUST DO IT ALREADY”
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (about 100x) I’m always impressed with how much can be said with so little. This week’s face acting award goes to Nathan Fillion for his adorable smile/boyish grin that served as an entire full body happy dance at the end of the episode.

And that’s all the Castle until the new year. Have a great holiday everyone! -S


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