Torchwood: Miracle Day “The New World” Review

Torchwood: Miracle Day The New WorldIt’s strange to basically re-start a series in its fourth season. I found it off to a slow start but I imagine it would be a different feeling for new viewers; all I was waiting for was Jack to show up. We find Gwen and Rhys hiding out with their new baby girl in a secluded cottage in Wales while being introduced to our new American characters over at the FBI.

When the FBI is inundated with a mass messaging of Torchwood everyone is willing to let it go except a low-level researching who tracks down the files. At the same time reports begin to spread that no one has died, all over the world.

As soon as Jack appears on the scene sweeping in to save Ester in the archives guns are a blazing, bombs are exploding and people are diving through glass windows into fountains. I love his chaos. But this is the dark chaos, nothing will ever be like it was before Children of Earth, all aliens fun and sex, also with the violence and death, and heartbreak though.

Rex (Mekhi Phifer), a totally obnoxious FBI guy with (un?)mortal wounds after being hit by a truck gets on board with Ester’s theories. He flies to Wales to find Torchwood and bring them on board to solve this crisis.

Unfortunately, Rex seems to be created as a a caricature of the obnoxious American. I hope that gets better because he’s ruining things for me.

Meanwhile in a unrelated storyline a psychopathic murder Oswald Danes, played hauntingly by Bill Pullman, is released from prison after a failed execution due to the immortality of the world. For the first episode his story remained completely separate, but it’s going to be really interested to see how he figures in to all of this.

There is an amazing helicopter/massive gun fight that Gwen fights not afraid with her smiling child in her arms; this is the Torchwood I’m talking about, and with better American budgets.

Luckily for us longtime fans this version of Torchwood does throw in a few treats for existing fans, Jack introducing himself as Owen Harper and the explicit reference to “Children of Earth” with the use of the code “456”

A New World has set up a whole of lot of questions and with the series format we can safely be assured they will be answered:

Jack’s arm got a scrape and it’s not healing, it seems that the world’s immortality has come at the expense of his own. Is he part of the cause?

Who sent the Torchwood email to the FBI? What’s their angle?

What’s the deal with Bill Pullman Oswald Danes?

You’ve brought the violence, now bring on the sex Torchwood!

Future episodes will star total babes Lauren Ambrose, Dichen Lachman plus lots of other awesome and talented folks.

Catch Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz Fridays @ 10 and on Space Saturdays @ 9

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5 thoughts on “Torchwood: Miracle Day “The New World” Review

  1. I agree. Mekhi Phifer is ruining the show for me. If I wasn’t already a Torchwood/Dr. Who fan, I would have stopped watching the show after the first episode.

    Not only is Phifer’s interpretation of the character rude (which he is), he also comes across as unpolished, crude, unintelligent, and uncharismatic. A character can get away with being rude and torchered, so long as the actor plays him as charming and smart. Unfortunately, Phifer’s portayal is neither charming nor smart (nor is it funny, at all). It’s simply not believable that someone like him would be a relatively high ranking federal agent.

    • I’m completely with you, I hate to say it but I’ve only continued watching because of my previous Torchwood/Who experience and faith in Jane Espenson’s writing abilities.
      Three episodes in I’m still not buying what Mekhi Phifer is selling although he managed to not piss me off in one of his scenes this past week.
      Right now I think Lauren Ambrose is really stealing the show.

  2. I’m not thrilled with the American portrayals. Rex makes me want to kick him more than once or twice an episode. But I love seeing Jack and Gwen. I’m enjoying the two stories running on both shores, and I adore Ester, the American version of Owen to me. The stakes and threats are far more sinister in this series, at least at the conclusion of the last episode, and I too long for the fun, sexual escapades, aliens, and genuine emotions between characters that lightened the darker parts of Torchwood seasons past. I’m sure whoever is involved had a previous connection with Jack and have my suspicions about who it is. I will be watching to see if my theories prove right. Maybe Jack can teach Rex how to be human in the meantime. Danes totally creeps me out.

    • “the fun, sexual escapades, aliens, and genuine emotions between characters that lightened the darker parts of Torchwood seasons past” <– perfect summary of everything Torchwood did right. Sexy Aliens in Cardiff is what Torchwood is made of, that and gruesome painful death scenes of beloved characters… all the time.

      I don't quite get the Owen in Ester, he was a lot more… just more I guess, more confidence, more personality, jeez, I'm getting all misty just thinking about him.

      I'll have my mid-season review with hopefully coherent thoughts on the season up until this point posted Friday if not earlier.

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