Almost Heroes (1×03) Terry & Peter vs. Girls: A Swift Nunchuck to the Balls

I didn’t realize that Terry was going to revert so quickly. Only three episodes in and Terry had all but given up his cool, charming Harvard guy persona and was drowning in the old strip mall atmosphere becoming his old nerdy self complete with terrible glasses.

I love that Peter has a standing booty call with a lady from out of town. Each week we learn that he’s a little less hopeless than he lets on. To tell the truth I wish we got more of the Yoda talking lady before moving on to the hot “chick” from Unexpected Cocknections. We could have had some really funny moments a la Michael and Holly on The Office. But I guess it makes sense that Peter isn’t quite yet to suave with the ladies to make a save after letting Terry ruin it for him.

It’s probably safe to say that Bernie will never, ever be on Terry’s romantic radar. She’s just been the girl selling hooker boots next door for so long that it seems doubtful that even a “She’s All That” makeover will change things. Plus she’s way too crazy for him to handle. It was great watching her try to carefully guide him towards a point of desperation where he might actually go for her.

It’s got to be hurting Bernie that Terry has basically been non-stop hitting on her new bestie Rayna since his arrival. The way he strikes out with her so badly and so often has me wondering if he ever had moves to begin with.

There was a real show of brotherly love when Terry so easily gave in and decided to let his brother take his place on the date. Watching Terry and Bernie play Cyrano from the car via headset (did the date really not wonder why he was wearing such an obvious earpiece the entire time?). I love how much both boys wanted her and how there was no winner in this vicious game of love, at least this round.

Other Fun Notes & Quotes:

Good point Pete, why can only little kids go to space camp. Space Camp for Adults!

She enjoys my star wars fan fiction, we meet up when she’s in town on business

Bernie had a hailstorm of one liners in this one:

Bernie on her new lipgloss
It’s mad from the venom of a blowfish, it’s called go blow yourself

Bernie on her fake (mannequin) boyfriend:
Croft? I just made him up to make myself feel less sad…
Usually people make up dates for the benefit of other people and Candi still says he’s out of Bernie’s league

Do you regret saying that…

Theme song:
Sexual Ninja, able to to have sex without crying … most of the time like a ninja would ( When will the Sexual Ninja album be available on itunes?)

Love the random sound effects like thunder provided by Colin Mochrie’s ever creepy Boyd who just happened to be shaking sheet metal by a dumpster while Terry talked about the Supernurple. Yay use of diagetic sound for fun effect!

Best Slogan Award: Welcome to Sportapalloza, we’ve got all the balls you can handle

Sorry Rayna, but I’d be picking on the pantsuit, it’s pretty bad

Unexpected Cocknections – it’s all in the details boys

I loved the SuperNurple reveal: Nipples all taped up with X’s and even then it’s always the nunchuks to the junk, I think I laughed way too hard at this.

Until the next one folks.


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