Top 5(ish) Father’s Day Edition: Our Fave TV Dads

For Father’s Day we’re celebrating by putting together a list of our favourite small-screen Dads! Funny, Brave, Badass or all of the above, you’ll find him here.

Did we leave out your favourite TV Dad? Let us know in the comments.

Wilf Mott, Donna’s Granddad, Doctor Who
(Bernard Cribbins)

DOCTOR WHO - The End of Time - Part One Wolf Mott Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins as Wilf Mott with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) in the Tardis

Wilf is not only a great father, but a loving grandfather. He has an adventurous childlike spirit and is absolutely taken with The Doctor and the unknown. He sees the potential in his granddaughter, Donna, encouraging her to become the best she can be with the help of the Tenth Doctor. When the Doctor is forced to erase Donna’s memories of her experience traveling in the TARDIS, Wilf is the only person left who understands the wonderful Donna person Donna had allowed herself to become while traveling with the Doctor. Wilf’s role isn’t solely a sad one, though: he’s an endearing Doctor Who character who has great comic timing and gets to deliver lots of funny lines whenever we see him pop up.

Walter/Walternate, Fringe
(John Noble)

Fringe Walter and Peter Bishop John Noble Joshua Jackson

Walter & Peter Perform a Father-Son Autopsy

Walter – He may not be a perfect dad (or an especially GOOD one) but he did cross universes (TWICE) to save his son. That’s got to count for something.

Walternate – Willing to destroy the worlds to get his son back. Then kind of willing to also destroy his son… okay maybe not so much.

Karl “Helo” Agathon, Battlestar Galactica
(Tahmoh Penikett)

Helo Agathon Battlestar Galactica Tahmoh Penikett

Karl Helo Agathon

Karl “Helo” Agathon was pretty much the most reliable, adaptable and skilled officer on Galactica keeping a cool head in almost every situation, considering the fleet was facing potential extinction of the human race and attacks from the Cylons and within pretty much daily, that is no easy feet.

Hera had a difficult life as the object of desire of both sides of a genocidal war. When she was in their care Helo and Athena made sure to make time in their busy schedule of being fighter pilots and top officers to spend quality time with their daughter. The end of the series had the family walking peacefully through a meadow with Helo excited with so much hope of all the things he would get to teach Hera.

Oh, and he looked damn good doing it too.

Richard Castle, Castle
(Nathan Fillion)

richard alexis castle_daughter_story nathan fillion molly quinn

Richard & Alexis Castle being Awesome

Whether playing laser tag or dispensing words of wisdom, carving pumpkins or revelling in his family’s pea-pod bond, Richard Castle is one of our favourite TV fathers.  He prides himself on being the “cool dad”, even though his instinct to protect his daughter Alexis sometimes leads to interesting encounters with boyfriends, guns, and fake severed heads. But Alexis knows that her father will always be there for her no matter what.

My personal favourite quote of Castle fatherliness?  On prying into his daughter’s life: “Cool dads don’t do that.  They go behind their daughter’s back and they beg Beckett to tell them.” (from 2×09 “Love Me Dead”) – J

Throughout the series we’ve seen Alexis grow into a young woman, and Castle is terrified. Their family bond is one so close and sweet, there isn’t much else like it on TV. Often he doesn’t quite think things all the way through and it gets him into trouble (i.e. Law & Murder where Castle decides to track Alexis via a GPS app on his phone)
Early on season 2 we see Castle’s place as one and only in Alexis’ heart being threatened. Alexis decides to share a secret with Beckett instead of him. But never fail, the relationship Castle has built with Alexis can withstand anything, even a little jealousy on his part (and given his fragile yet enormous ego, it is to be expected). When it counts, and even when it doesn’t, Castle will always be there for Alexis, and she is always there for him. – S

Angel, Angel
(David Boreanaz)

Angel Connor David Boreanaz Vincent Kartheiser

Angel and his son, Connor

Angel’s relationship with his son is probably one of the most unconventional we’ll find on TV (yes, this is a challenge to find a stranger father-son relationship on the small screen).

Vampire’s getting pregnant, this is wack! Someone better get the word out what will all those sexy vampire shows going on otherwise we’re going to have a vamp-baby epidemic on our hands. PSA’s people, vampireism doesn’t prevent pregancy.
Darla somehow managed to get pregnant with Angel and produce a human child, Conner. (maybe it was the special kind of dirty hate sex they were having?) But seriously, After sacrificing herself to allow this somehow human child to live Angel became a single dad.

Because it’s Angel’s L.A. crazy shit went down including Conner being dragged into a hel dimension for most of his childhood & having a creepy romance with Cordelia who was possessed by the God/Demon Jasmine.

In the end Angel made the difficult choice to give up his relationship with his child in exchange for Conner forgetting the hell that he’s been through and getting to live a normal human life with a kind and warm family.

William Adama, Battlestar Galactica
(Edward James Olmos)

battlestar-galactica-william-lee-adama-edward-james-olmos and jamie bamber

William & Lee Adama

William Adama was pretty much the father to the entire Galactica crew, actual father to Lee Adama and basically father to Kara Thrace. Come to think of it with Kara having been engaged to Zak (Lee’s brother) then having an ongoing romantic relationship with Lee that’s kinda creepy.

Point being, Adama Sr. was always there for his children as much as he knew how. He did his best in an impossible situation as his fleet were in an ongoing war against the Cylons to protect his people. He truly felt like they were all his family, and all his personal responsibility.

Stephen Bartowski, Chuck
(Scott Bakula)

Chuck Bartowski Stephen Bartowski  Zachary Levi Scott bakula

Chuck & his Dad, Stephen Bartowski

Firstly, it’s Scott Bakula. Now that we’ve got that our of the way, Stephen Bartowski was largely absent from Chuck & Ellie’s lives during their childhood. It’s only later that they discover that it’s because he is Orion, wanted by many government agencies. Despite the absence the Sr. Bartowski had been looking after his children from afar since he disappeared.

When he did return he was deeply involved in Chuck’s story since he was the creator of the intersect. He continued to protect his children and on many occasions stepped into dangerous situations allowing himself to work for the enemy just to protect his family. Although Orion faked his death many times the bullet finally got him for real.

Stephen Bartowski’s legacy continues to live on in the series with the codes and secrets he left to help his children, including a new intersect and the discovery of his long lost friend, Alexei Volkoff Hartley Winterbottom.

Ned Stark, Game of Thrones

(Sean Bean)

eddard-ned-stark-SeanBean Game of Thrones HBO

Ned Stark

To a man whose honour is everything and is willing to give his life for this commitment Ned Stark realized the one thing that mean more to him than this, his children.  Lord Stark was willing to sacrifice his honour to do what he believed would save his family.

Honorary Mentions to Not Actually Fathers:

Rupert Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(Anthony Stewert Head)

Giles pretty much filled the role of father figure to Buffy. As Watcher he looked out for her, taught her, guided her and he loved her in a fatherly sense. He went above and beyond in his Watcher duties and tended to Buffy’s emotional needs. Especially after the death of her mother Giles became a very important parental figure in Buffy’s life.

Ron Swanson & The Power of His Moustache, Parks & Recreation
(Nick Offerman)

Ron fills a fatherly role to the wayward April Ludgate, taking her under his wing and protecting her while occasionally offering fatherly wisdom and guidence in the most unobtrusive way possible. Both parties pretend not to care but they really do love each other when it comes down to it.


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