Almost Heroes (1×02) Recap: Terry and Peter vs. Wendell: It’s a Funny Comedy, not a 2am Sad Comedy

Week two of Almost Heroes and they have not failed to deliver in the follow up to the very funny premiere. It’s still super funny and full of heart as Pete who has just lost his father struggles to keep his brother close. Oh, and all the hilarious hi-jinx, axe-battles, and killer bees along the way.

Last week Peter & Terry managed to save themselves from eviction by a fluke sale of a priceless autograph. This week the shop finds itself in danger once again. Terry has been promising that he’s out of there as soon as the shop is back on track and in a desperate act to keep his brother at home, Pete has been stealing from the register to keep up the appearance that the shop is still in trouble.

Pete’s secret doesn’t stay secret for long and instead of simply returning the money he decides to do one better, impress Terry by making a smart investment with the shop’s profits. He buys a rare first edition of a comic book; Dark Badger Issue #1 and plans on selling it at a profit to a Dark Beaver collector, Wendell.

Similar to last week the show takes a circular structure around the strip mall as the comic in question is given away when it was accidentally placed in the “Free Comics” bin for the Coffee & Comic promotion. The comic makes the rounds from a snotty kid who bites, to Dan (Sportapalloza) and eventually falls back into the hands of the snotty kid via Leslie, his very scary biker relation.

Once again the boys make back their cash after a “brawl” with the biker, he attacks them mistaking them for Dan who has actually stolen the comic. They had mistaken him for Wendell, and figured he was really angry that they no longer had his desired comic for sale.  The biker kindly cuts the boys a check (in the exact amount Pete was going to sell for), turns out Wendell wasn’t too peeved when he finally showed up in the end.

As an added bonus Dan also gets a beat down from the biker and when he shows up at Silver Salmon to get his coffee the Belleville’s get in their weekly penis joke. As Dan mutters through his wired jaw the boys interpret it as “He said he has a small penis!”.

B-Story. Bernie continues to be as awkward as ever as she courts Rayna into friendship. I kinda dig that the usual will they wont they sexual tension is swapped out for the strange dynamics of female friendship and Bernie navigating her incredible urge to lie and extreme sensitivity.

Can I buy you lunch
Why do you want to buy me lunch?
‘Cause I’m hungry, and I’ve shopped there before, she’s a dick

Bernie first approaches Rayna as a cover to prove to Candi that yes, she does have friends outside of Terry and Peter. She immediately confesses the situation and it leads to a lunch date.

Lauren Ash as Bernie pulls out all the crazy stops. When Bernie realizes she isn’t Rayna’s one and only and that Rayna has other friends, she flails and invents fake friends out of a strange fit of jealousy. She has to make good on this lie when Rayna wants to meet Bernie’s friends who sound so awesome.

Rayna is understandably freaked out when she arrives at Silver Salmon and discovers that Bernie’s “friends” are two hired homeless women and Colin Mochrie’s Boyd in drag. But no worries, the two ladies will work it out in the end.

The premise of the second episode is very similar to the first with a circular adventure dealing with the finances of the ship. For now I’m okay with the same story twice because it’s still fresh and funny, I do hope the series grows and embarks on something slightly different in the future.

Other Notes & Quotes:

Just as I had hoped AH continues with the pop-out thought bubbles. My favourite bits this week were the revisited thought bubble pop outs of Terry attacking Pete with the axe, especially Pete’s completely blase reaction to being stabbed in the torso.

Love that Bernie actually sent a jar of bees to Candi.  Especially love that instead of simply being told, we got to see the little piece unfold as Candi was running from the onslaught of bees in the background just outside Silver Salmon.

This is real happiness, not 2am sad happiness” & “Real friends, not 2am sad friends”  -Bernie

Terry and Pete on the moral of this week’s story:
Never steal money, buy a rare comic then lose it
That’s a pretty specific lesson

I’m loving this sweet comic-book comedy so far, between the hilarious pop outs, quick jokes and misunderstandings and brotherly love Almost Heroes is shaping up to be a winner.

The setting in a comic book shop seems to promise more direct nerdy references than the show has so far provided. Personally I like that AH isn’t trying too hard to jam every crevice with references but instead focuses on the tone and feel of the comedy. How do you think Almost Heroes stacks up against other nerdy pop culture ridden shows like Big Bang Theory and Community?

– S

Watch Almost Heroes tonight on Showcase at 9pm & 11pm.


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