Sara joins G33KPRON &The Viewing Party Continues

Hi folks,

I’m going to take a quick moment to interrupt our usual schedule of TV reviews and general nerdery to announce that I will also be writing for a Canadian nerd culture website as their resident TV g33k. I’m very excited for this new adventure but that doesn’t mean that The Viewing Party will be slowing down anytime soon. The Viewing Party team and I have some really fun plans to keep our TV appetites satiated over the long summer haitus, so stay tuned.

Don’t forget to jump over to G33KPRON to check out what I’ve been up to over there.

Below the jump find my intro (originally posted by J3SS on G33kPron)

G33KPRON Empire Expansion: TV G33K, Sara Blue

Out of the 500 channels I pay for, I think I watch 5. That’s not an exaggeration. Space, G4, Teletoon, HBO, and Aux. That’s it. Since the barrage of reality TV that seems to be never-ending, I’ve lost interest in television. I’m always hearing about the amazing shows I’m missing but every time I turn on the TV, some new D-bag is famous for no reason. I was about to turn my back on TV forever when suddenly, out of the blue (no pun intended) Sara appeared. Wielding her Remote of Awesome, she revealed to me that good TV still exists, if you know where to find it. is proud to present TV G33K, Sara Blue.

Hi, I’m Sara, aka your TV G33K. I’m determined to break the space-time continuum to allow for more hours in the week so I can stay on top of all the best shows on TV and the news and geekery surrounding them. Please, if someone can fetch me a TARDIS I will be one step closer to making that happen (and one step closer to that mad man inside the blue box). Until then I’ll have to make do with being my regular awesome self. Outside of the G33KPRON ‘verse you can find me writing recaps & other TV stuff on my blog The Viewing Party. xo – Sara

Want more Buffy? Click here for the full Gallery


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