Almost Heroes Series Premiere: Terry and Peter vs. The First Episode

The First Episode is a great gateway into Terry and Pete’s world. The show jumps right into the thick of things at the funeral at the comic book shop, Silver Salmon, for Peter and Terry’s Father. From the moment Terry can’t stop calling everyone at the funeral nerds, and Peter’s eulogy digresses into the logistics of dismembering the newly undead body of the recently deceased if he were to rise, we know what kind of ride we’re in for, and it’s very promising.

Almost Heroes Paul Campbell Ryan Belleville

The events immediately following the funeral as the brothers deal with their father’s affairs left behind quickly familiarizes us with the type of brotherly dynamic that will surely be the heart of the show.  As the boys discover that the shop is in jeopardy because dearly departed Dad failed to pay the rent and was in debt they eventually bond together (mostly over the sports store nemesis) to save the store.

We soon discover that Pete and Terry’s father was hit by a car after thinking he got William Shatner’s autograph. Only their Dad wasn’t wearing his glasses and it wasn’t William Shatner. Luckily for this fun everything that goes around plot, the autograph proved to be quite valuable to the right people and saved the shop…. For now

This week’s threat to the shop is the Dan who owns Sportapalloza across the strip mall. He sneaks up behind Pete and Terry while the latter is doing what normal people do at funerals, get drunk and stoned in the parking lot. Dan wants  to buy their space for a store that will be, to the brothers’ horror, “all lacrosse, all the time” and hands them an offer before disappearing without a sound on his Whisper 3000’s, “so quiet you could kill a cheetah”.

Mr. Harvard Business School first considers taking the offer, cut and run with the store. His mind is changed when he discovers his brother has been living in the store, and realistically, he has nowhere to go either. He also discovers that the reason the store was in so much debt was because of the money spent on his own tuition to Harvard, where Terry had flunked out.

When Terry tries to use some of those smart things he picked up at stupid Harvard, like negotiating a deal, he ends up handing over the proposed offer on the eviction notice. Smooth move.

I hear you’re some big shot lawyer
That’s what I put on facebook so it’s got to be true

Over at Sassitude the girl next door Bernie is still working selling hooker boots to teenagers, working for a bitch of a boss, Candi. She’s also totally obsessed with Terry.  Bernie plays a backseat to the boys at the Silver Salmon but watching her knock out Candi with a mean headbutt was priceless.

My favourite part of the episode was possibly Pete acting out his frustration about losing the store after getting their eviction notice with Sergeant Fabulous & Mega Saber (his action figures), on his bed in his PJs.  Oh, and this is a two parter, because later, Terry has started to figure things out and approaches Pete in his own language. Zooming in on Captain Fabulous, Terry drops by taking the form of a ninja action figure to work things out with his brother…err Captain Fabulous as the action figures have a knockdown drag em out brawl before hugging it out…and I’m still talking about the little plastic men.  Both sweet and hilarious, can this show do no wrong?

I’m really digging the pop-outs and flashbacks that add depth to the show. We get both real and imagined scenes that take us outside the story space and add extra humour that gets to be shown instead of simply told.

The scenes of Pete in a flaming wizard costume had me in stitches!

This style seems to be a trend in comedies these days. Scrubs used to make liberal use of them while it was still on the air making the visual thought bubbles an integral part of the show. Another one of my current favourites “Happy Endings” also uses this format to tell the story. I hope that this type of storytelling continues in “Almost Heroes” it works so well with the feel of the show.

Paul Campbell plays the totally charming yet completely immature Terry perfectly.  Even when Terry is endlessly striking out with Rayna the boyish charm he tries to offer in exchange for rent isn’t lost on me.

Ryan Belleville, also the co-creator of the show, plays a great counter to Terry as Pete, the also hopeless (he’s got more going on up there than he lets on), well intentioned brother who is awesomely silly and seemingly completely unencumbered by self-consciousness.

Almost Heroes strikes a great balance between its jokes, heart, and straight up geekery. I love the strange cast of characters that inhabit the Starlight Plaza strip mall. This quirky Canadian (us Canucks always point out everything that is homegrown) comedy that doesn’t seem to take itself seriously, which is certainly part of its charm has certainly become appointment viewing on Thursday nights.

Notes Quotes & Penis Jokes (’cause this show is full of ’em):

Is the “vs.” in the episode titles going to be a thing? Is that a nod to another geek friendly TV show Chuck?

Where’s Terry
He’s Over there, by the punch, spiking it, with alcohol, which he’s been drinking

“I love your brow ridges “– Terry flirting at the wake

With all the awesomeness going on I’ve hardly had a chance to mention Colin Mocharie who plays the fantastic bit-part of resident strip mall weirdo.

Love when Terry joins Pete in using the force “their way” towards the end

Concussed Candi “I’m a Pony”

Can Captain Fabulous please show up every week

Despite Paul Campbell’s BSG claim to fame the shout outs in this episode were kept to a minimum with Pete, drunk on shoe-gin in the parking lot exclaiming We’re fraked followed up by Terry’s easy there Apollo

Captain Fabulous on his brother: “Badger dick? he is as cruel as the night is long and he has the dick of a Badger”

Pete when he jumps out of bed and exclaims:
Next stop success
Yeah, your dick is poking out of your pjs

In the Landlord’s office Pete says “penis” out loud over and over to get it out of his system so he doesn’t say it in the meeting. Of course once the meeting begins with Rayna “penis” seems to be the only word Terry manages to say. “It happens more than you think”

Donkey Foreskin


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