Top 5: Reasons You Know You’re a Castle Fan

Having let some time elapse since Castle’s season finale, I can safely say…I want more! And so, to tide us over until season 4, here’s a new top 5 list.

You know you’re a Castle fan when…

#5: You have done at least one of the following in real life: (a) said “shut the front door!” (b) said “yo” or “bro” à la Esposito (c) said “bam, said the lady!” (d) fed the birds

beckett reading page 105 on Castle Stana Katic

Beckett Sneaks in some Reading in the Bathroom

#4: You know what page 105 is (extra points if you’ve read it!)

#3: You’ve downloaded songs just because they played in the background of a particularly sweet Castle-Beckett moment

Castle and Beckett keep each other warm in Setup Nathan Fillion Stana Katic

Castle & Beckett keep each other warm in Countdown

#2: You think “always” is the most meaningful response to “thank you

#1: You’re counting down the days until September 19th

Anything to add? Nerdy Castle habits or spontaneous expressions of fandom? Share them in the comments!

– J


6 thoughts on “Top 5: Reasons You Know You’re a Castle Fan

  1. Yep, I hit everything!! 😉 Especially the “yo”- my mom and I make fun of each other for saying that, and tend to count the number of times Espo says it in every episode!!!

  2. -your bday is on Sept. 19th but your calendar just says it’s castle day 🙂
    -you get frustrated at the sight of every door handle >.<

    • Heehee, these are both great! I must say, Castle is a pretty excellent birthday present!
      I just thought of another one:
      -you quote things from the Castle bloopers!
      (I do this with the Firefly bloopers too)
      – J

  3. – You are introduced to someone at work and their name is ‘Lockwood’ and you take an immediate dislike to them.

    – You plan a vacation to LA and make sure to include days for ‘Castle Location’ spotting.

    – You steal your sons Xbox so you can play ‘Dancing With Myself’ on Guitar Hero just like Nathan did.

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