TV Premieres & Specials Schedule, Summer 2011

The weather is warming up and it’s time to reset our schedule for summer viewing. Here’s a list of new and returning shows that we’re psyched to tune into this summer. We’ll continue to add to the list as we gather our info. Have we left out your favourite summer pleasure? Let us know in the comments!

***Updated with new air times, channels and trailers more still to come!!!


Teen Wolf, Series Premiere

June 6 on MuchMusic @9pm, June 5 on MTV @ 11pm

Updated by MTV this new Teen Wolf TV series is based in Toronto and actually looks really fun with just the right amount of camp and horror for a summer fling. I’ll be watching.

65th Annual Tony Awards

June 12 8pm on CBS @ 8pm

Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris


Pretty Little Liars , Season 2

Returns June 14 on ABC Family & MuchMusic @ 8pm

This surprise thriller that mixes Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars and I Know What You Did Last Summer returns for another season of mile-a-minute mystery, violence and teen angst.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Series Premiere

June 14 on ABC Family

Chloe gets special super powers on her 16th birthday which she must use to save the world. We’re giving this one a shot in hopes that Chloe turns out to be the next Buffy, or something like it.

Wilfred, Series Premiere

June 23 on FX @ 10pm

Elijah Wood in a dog suit? This comedy looks way to weird to pass up

Leverage, Season Four

Returns June 26 on TNT

Our favourite misfit band of hackers, con-men, and thieves return once again to take on corporate baddies and bullies the world over, and make us laugh along the way. And with the surprising revelations of who’s sharing whose bed–plus the promise of pretzels–there’s no doubt that this season the romantic hijinks will be getting more focus. Poor Eliot.

Weeds, Season 7

Returns June 27 on Showtime

Weeds returns for it’s seventh and final (thank the TV gods) season. After a cliffhanger of an ending of the 6th season looking like Nancy will be arrested, we’ll be tuning in to see how Nancy manages to talk, fight, or screw her way out of and into trouble one more time as she drags her family down with her.

True Blood, Season 4

Returns June 26 on HBO

Vampires, Witches & Faeries, Oh My!

I’ve long stopped caring much about Bill and his beloved Soookie, but it’s the amazing supporting characters that keep reeling me in. Beyond campy, cheesy, violent and sex filled this show is perfect summer slasher/horror/romance type fare.




Returns July 8 on Starz

What happens when no one on Earth is able to die? We’ll find out in Torchwood’s insane fourth season “Miracle Day”.

Alphas, Series Premiere

July 11 on Syfy, will also be airing on SPACE in Canada date TBA

Kind of like Heroes, a group of people who begin to expand human capability fight new crime. Starring Oscar nominee David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck)and Ryan Cartwright, formerly Vincent Nigel-Murray, the trivia obsessed Jeopardy winning squintern on Bones.

Rizzoli & Isles

Returns July 11 on TNT

Haven, Season 2

Returns July 15 on Syfy & July 18 on Showcase

With last season’s shocker ending that FBI Agent Audrey Parker may not be Audrey Parker at all, I’m sure everyone is eager to return to the little town of Haven, Maine, and find out what new Troubles are in store.

Breaking Bad

Returns July 17 on AMC

Does this one really need an intro? Sans Mad Men this AMC Original will be flying solo on the line up this summer. Let’s give it the love it deserves.

Entourage, Season 8

July 24 on HBO

The final season of watching the guys living the life in Hollywood. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure at this point but Adrian Grenier is just too damn pretty to look at.

Are your fave’s on this list? Tell us what we’re missing in the comments!


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