Comedy Quickies – Wed May 18/ Modern Family, Cougar Town & Happy Endings

This week on Modern Family it’s like the pre-finale, finale, the Cougar Town scares children & Lou Diamond-Phillips guest-stars. Happy Endings time travels back to the beginning of the series and we are treated to the immediate fallout of the wedding-walkout. Also check out my wrap up of The Office Season 7  & “Search Committee” Review. Thursday quickies for Parks & Recreation and The Office coming soon!- S

Cougar Town

I’d probably be afraid of those kids too. I like that Ellie and Grayson decided to extend some kindness to Tom and include him as brief as that will be.

Penny Can – love the return of Lou Diamond Phillips, what is it with that guy. I always enjoy when Bobby gets some depth. I understood his attachment to Penny Can and his reluctance to sell. His friends really will always look out for him, his mark will be on those Penny Cans forever, or y’know, as long as those things last. – S

Below the jump: Modern Family & Happy Endings

Modern Family

Of course Luke thinks that he can move things psychically, like open the gate. I wonder if he saw that Volkswagon SuperBowl ad?

This was such an amazingly sweet episode in the strange fashion that Modern Family is so good at. I was holding my breath alongside Hayley when Alex was delivering her valedictorian speech. Alex may feel put down upon, but she’s got a good head on her shoulder and knows good advice when she hears it, even when it’s coming from an unexpected source. I love how proud her entire family was and didn’t even flinch at her strange speech. Also, Hayley actually wanting to go out to lunch with the fam. Wild!

Happy Endings

Bo Fight

It was a nice trip back to the beginning to see how Alex and Dave got over the first few weeks after the non-wedding.

What would Steven Segal do in this situation?

Dave deals by getting wasted with Max and decides to be more of a Segal than Zach Braff and get even with Bo, the guy who rollerbladed in and ruined his wedding.

Meanwhile Alex spiraled into activity planning girls night madness. After being dragged along on too many awful activities and Alex scaring off a really sweet guy Penny was flirting with at a cooking class, Harsh-Truth-Penny snapped Alex out of it and told her she had to deal.

Love the fake out with the cheesy voice over at the end talking about what true love really it. It turns out to be the whole gang on the couch in front of The Bachelor, the thing they all really wanted to be doing that Friday night.

This week we also had the beginning of the ongoing battle between Max and Brad over whether it’s harder to be gay or black. This sort of strange rivalry continues throughout the rest of the episodes (er… that have already aired).

Plus these Max gems:

Boo hoo, you can’t get a cab. I can’t get married or get into heaven
You don’t want to do either of those things
It doesn’t matter


He wouldn’t have got elected if he was riding in cars with boys – Max on Obama


half black is god’s photoshop – On how beautiful Jane and Brad’s children will be

Barefoot Pedaler

I’m glad we got this episode for Penny’s sake. In the episodes that have previously aired Penny has appeared to be kinda desperate and kind of a dope when it comes to dating. The girl has a ton of stories (ok, well her friends can recite those stories) but Barefoot Pedaler gave her some serious cred. The girl who talks the talk gets to walk the walk and be the amazing girl who got away, not once, but twice… and got to prove it in front of her friends who didn’t quite buy the story.

Loved Max standing up for his BFF Penny while pandering to his idols. AND his lovely song that “wasn’t” written about Penny!

Plus, good back story on Alex and Dave’s nasty breakup. No one wants to be embarrassed on the internet. When we saw them get tasered together we knew it wouldn’t be the end for them, as friends or otherwise.

What were your favourite moments in TV comedy this Wednesday? 


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