New Shows to Check out for the 2011-2012 Season (Plus First Looks & Trailers)

The Networks announced a ton of new shows this past week at upfronts. There’s a lot of new stuff to sift through and a good chunk of it looks just… unwatchable. There are actually quite a few freshman shows that I’m willing to give a shot with varying degrees of excitement and expectation. This is my short-list of the new shows I’m looking forward to checking out next TV Season. – S



This mid season drama about Detective Michael Britten (Jason Issacs, Harry Potter) a detective who after a car accident is stuck living in two realities. In one his wife survived and his son died, and in the other reality it is the opposite. He is unable to distinguish which life is real, and which is a dream. Also featuring Cherry Jones and B.D. Wong, Wilmer Valderrama (That 70’s Show!) I’m so excited for this show and am cursing it’s mid-season start date!

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Hearing “Musical TV show” will draw inevitable comparisons to the monster developed by FOX, a monster that to be honest I’m entirely sick of.  Thank goodness this trailer for Smash looks nothing like Glee. The drama about the making of a Marilyn Monroe musical appears to be more of “A Chorus Line” meets “Fame” but with grown ups. I’ll be giving Smash a shot, even if it ends up being a one night stand.

Up All Night

I really, really want Up All Night to be awesome. Featuring Will Arnett and Christina Applegate as unprepared new parents, Arnett as a stay at home Dad, and Applegate a busy professional then add in the very funny Maya Rudolph as Applegate’s demanding boss Up All Night has the potential in the world. The trailer looks great and leaves me wanting more, check it out:


Paired with Chuck this eerie new show will be making for a nerdy NBC Friday Night line up to compete against some pretty serious genre nights across the networks. This dark fantasy show takes place in a world where the creatures from the old Grimm fairytales are more truth than myth. The catch is, it seems that only the Grimms have the ability to see and sense the supernatural. It falls upon a detective whose abilities have just begun to develop learns of his linage as a Grimm, and his responsibility to try to stop the nightmares from happening. The great looking cast includes Caprica alum Sasha Roiz. The nearly 5 minute trailer looks a little cheesy but a lot of fun. Check it out:


Person of Interest

Michael Emmerson being bad ass an mysterious. vigilante preventative justice with J.J. Abrams and Johnathan Nolan executive producers I’m in.

Apartment 23 

Originally titled “The Bitch in Apartment 23” this is a comedy featuring dueling roommates Dreama Walker, Krysten Ritter) and add in James Van Der Beek playing himself, poking fun at himself. That’s all I need. I’m so excited! Maybe we’ll eventually get a visit from Pacey? Another mid-season show I want right away.

Is that Dawson?
Yeah, he’s like my gay BFF but straight
I wanna live here
okay let’s do it

Watch the trailer:

Good Christian Belles

A mid-season drama featuring Kristin Chenoweth being well, as the original title described her as, a Good Christian Bitch! I don’t know if I can make this a weekly habit based on the premise, but if you love the pint-sized dynamo as much as I do it’s a must on my list of shows to watch during premieres in the fall.


I’ve kinda had a crush on Jeremy Sisto since he appeared as Claire Fisher’s creepy boyfriend Billy on Six Feet Under. I loved him as the Detective/law student Lupo on Law & Order. In Suburgatory Sisto plays a protective single-dad who upon finding condoms in his teenage daughters room, picks up and moves them out of the city and into the suburbs. He has in insane and completely ill-conceived notion that it is a safer, kinder place for his daughter to spend her teenage years. All I’ve got to say is at least city girl is informed enough to think about safe sex.

Bonus, Alan Tudyk (a.k.a. my favourite, Firefly, A Knight’s Tale, Dollhouse) Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Rex Lee (Entourage)

A little bit of Mean Girls and Desperate Housewives? The trailer looks pretty goofy but it’s got a solid cast and a cute premise, so I’m certainly going to be checking it out in the fall.

Once Upon a Time

This show looks kind of insane, really cheesy and ridiculous. Like ABC’s lighter answer to NBC’s Grimm. A town called Storybrooke is frozen in time by the Ice Queen, all the people in it are part of te stories, but they’ve forgotten. From the trailer it appears that it’s up Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and a precocious kid to save the world. The question is, can Once Upon a Time pull off the cheesy factor while being fun and enjoyable? It’s certainly worth a look, and I’m really hoping yes!

Pan Am

Pan Am appears to have the details down to a T. The show’s setting and atmosphere look amazing. The trailer looks amazingly flashy, I wonder if this period piece can it stand on it’s own apart from that. I have a feeling I’ll be watching this only once for curiosity then again for all the pretty things. I can also hope that the story can also hold up, but that’s the least of my worries with this one.



Another J.J. Abrams show… another J.J. Abrams show featuring mysterious disappearing people on an island…starring Jorge Garcia. A little Fringy sci-fi, add in a little Prison Break. Oh, and there’s some kind of time travel.

Let’s think more 3 dimensionally


The  Ringer

Sarah Michelle Geller is back on television, playing Bridget who decides to run after witnessing a murder. She goes to find her estranged identical twin sister in New York but finds more than she bargained for. Her sister ends up maybe dead but probably evil and SMG is definitely in over here head.

Which one of these shows are you most excited to see in the fall or mid-season? Any new show announced that you're jonsing for already that I left off the list? Let me know in the comments! 


2 thoughts on “New Shows to Check out for the 2011-2012 Season (Plus First Looks & Trailers)

  1. I have to admit I’m now quite excited for Smash. Not only does it look like a much more mature and at least slightly more realistic answer to Glee (which I still watch, but sometimes grudgingly), it has a fantastic cast! Debra Messing, Angelica Huston, Jack Davenport, I think I saw Jamie Lee Curtis at the beginning…but I’m actually most excited about Megan Hilty as what looks like the good girl’s rival. She absolutely knocked me away as Glinda in Wicked onstage in Toronto and I have been a big supporter ever since. She’s a legit stage actress who can really sing! -J

    • The cast is so killer. I don’t know a lot about Megan Hilty but I take yours as a ringing endorsement. I look forward to seeing a different sort of musical on TV. We’ll have to come back to this convo in September. – S

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