Does the Jeffersonian have a Nursery? Bones Season Finale (6×23) – The Change in the Game

After the darkness of “The Hole in the Heart” the tone of “The Change in the Game” was decidedly lighter.  Last week could have been a finale; it had the drama, the big events and a certain amount of closure. For fear of spoiling anyone who hasn’t seen the last two episodes I’ll just cut to the jump right now.

This week contained a whole lot of lighthearted fun. I absolutely adore when Booth and Brennan go undercover together, although I must say she was much better at getting the vernacular correct back in season two when the pair went undercover in a secret fight club in Vegas in “The Woman in the Sand”. Although she does have her “on” moments as Wanda “It’s fiancé, that’s French…” complete with gum smacking and holding out her hand to show off her ring.

Sometimes when you speak it’s like you watch PBS on purpose

We were back to case of the week format with our typically unusual death as a body is discovered in the pin setting machine in a bowling alley at an incredibly bratty child’s birthday party – because that it what happens when you don’t behave!

It’s always a pleasure to see Ryan O’Neal appear as Brennan’s father, Max Keenan.  He popped into the story because he happened to bowl in the same league as the murder victim. Recently having suffered a bedroom related injury rendering him temporarily wheelchair bound it leaves a spot on his bowling team wide open for Booth to jump in undercover to investigate the tight knit bowling community.  Plus Max was the first one to notice that something was different between Booth and his daughter, he could tell by looking at him. I loved his facial expression when he was trying to discern exactly what was up, and was skeptical when they denied it.

Who will I be?
You can be my girlfriend

The costumes and characters they played were fantastic. Brennan played the role of the trashy fiancée of mullet-haired, acid wash jeans clad bowler-extraordinaire Booth (aka Buck). The newly engaged couple cover was such a smart way to cover up Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy by having us believe that Brennan is wearing a pregnancy pad as part of her disguise.

Despite many of the crazy weird rivalries going down in that bowling alley, it turns out that the murder victim, a self centered pompous jerk was ultimately done in by the man behind the shoe rental counter. After so many hours of being treated badly combined with the wicked stench of foot sweat he snapped and killed the guy with his motorcycle helmet. I was almost really gunning for the bratty red-headed bowler to be the killer.

As for the announcement of Brennan’s pregnancy I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. There have been hints indicating that something might come up throughout the season. Earlier in the season Bones even expressed to Booth her distress at being the only one of their group who won’t be a parent. With Angela & Hodgins expecting, Cam with Michelle and Seeley with Parker, she will be left out. There was certainly more to that concern that she initially let on. So when we discover in the finale that she is pregnant, and actually excited about the idea, it fits with the themes of this season. Growing up. As Angela, Brennan’s closest (female) friend is going through major life changes, getting married and now having a baby; it’s certainly got the wheels spinning inside Brennan’s head. New ideas about how her life could be different, things she might want, like a family and a child. Things that she hadn’t considered before seeing her friend experience it first.

Other Notes & Quotes:

I think it’s kind of hilarious and funny that the Bones crew decided to include two incredibly awful bratty children in an episode that also has Angela and Hodgins welcoming their child into the world, and announces that a child in on the way for Booth and Brennan.

I’m really not a huge fan of drawn out labours on television, including this one but… Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins…aww, a happy healthy baby to such amazing parents.

Nice to have Wendell back in the lab,  it was fun to see him and Cam play off each other as they attempt to fill the shoes of absent Angela and Hodgins

Kind of bummed that they got our couple together and we don’t even get to see them kiss

Now that’s my muffin at work

World Champion of the World? That’s a redundant statement.
I’m so good they have to say it twice.

I thought he promised not to do that anymore. (Sweets on Max as a potential murder suspect)

What are your thoughts on the pregnancy announcement? What do you think Booth and Bones will be like as parents? How do you think the show will handle having little babies everywhere?

Hart Hanson says he has a plan, so I’m going to take his word for it, and spend the summer wondering what it is! Read Hart Hanson’s Season 6 post-mortem interview here.

See you in the fall!



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