Comedy Quickies – Wed May 11/ Modern Family, Cougar Town & Happy Endings

Another week another set of amazing laughs! Happy Endings continues to be amazingly hilarious (if you haven’t been watching start NOW!)  Also in Comedies this week, Cougar Town & Modern Family. For Thursday night comedy quickies; Community, Parks & Recreation & The Office click here! – S

Cougar Town

I absolutely loved watching Jules & Bobby work together (and apart) as parents to attempt to mend their son’s broken heart. When Jules called in her father Chick (played by the amazing Ken Jenkins) he was able to bring words of wisdom helping Jules & Bobby work out their hurt feelings, and adding a hint of sentimentally to the episode, something that Cougar Town weaves so gently into their scripts amidst the humour.

Also loved the developing relationship between Ellie and Jelly Bean Laurie. Ellie is a tough nut to crack, but once you’re in, you’re in. I love the sweetness between the group of friends, and how they’re able to be ruthless with each other at the same time.

Below the jump: Modern Family & Happy Endings

Modern Family

You poked the bear – Phil grabbing onto the hood of the car

I don’t like being you
No one does

“I’m 12, I need limits.” Another gem of wisdom from little Luke

I loved watching Phil & Claire swap roles, the are who they are and different venues will never change Claire’s intensity. Phil’s bad cop was surprisingly effective and intense, although I think his brain would explode if he had to keep it up any longer. The pressure was too much for his delicate nature to handle.

I love that when Phil and Gloria argue it always brings out their differences and why they complement each other so well. When they fight it’s always based around the reasons they love each other, they know how to compromise, and they’re happy.

This is very much unlike the fights that Cam & Mitchell seem to always have. This has been bothering me for a while now. They are arguing all the time and neither of them are really willing to meet either one in the middle. Usually Cam ends up “winning” because he has more of a flare for the dramatic, will throw a temper tantrum like a spoiled child and will lock himself in a room until he gets his way. Mitchell isn’t much better in terms of compromise but at least he seems to be the one to do it when his back is really up against the wall. Cam absolutely should have let him go see Lady Gaga, he had the flu, not the plague.

Happy Endings

One of my many favourite things about Happy Endings is how well the ensemble works together and how often they mix up the pairings in the story lines. I love just being around these people each week, whatever they happen to be up to. They’re funny!

The Girl with the Dave Tattoo

Despite being a Max heavy episode with the strong B-plot of Alex and Dave’s matching tattoo’s Brad seemed to steal all his scenes. Which I adore. Between his covering his ears upon the mention of Sex in the City (spoiler free) and his British accent that almost sounded Jamaican he was working it!

I love that Alex was the one holding Dave’s hair before they both collapse into a pile of boxes. The weirdo tattoo removal doc trying to play psychiatrist. I also love they fakeout with the pair of them in bed, and the real reason they didn’t get their tattoo’s removed. It hurt too much!

I continue to love the dynamic between Alex and Dave, they somehow make it very confusing, we don’t know whether they’re going to be great friends, or maybe get back together as much as they don’t. The important thing is that they care about each other and it works

Been really busy busying v-neck t-shirts, wearing v-neck t-shirts, really taking up a lot of my time – Dave on why he didn’t get the tattoo removed earlier

Alex singing while dusting ending with a drum solo and a flashback

Max logic:
You know how else you could have learned a lot about me?
No, showing up for our date

Max is pretty much as bad at dating as Penny is but in the opposite way where instead of trying too hard, he refuses to try at all, most of the time (see below in You’ve Got Male – see, baby steps!) His romantic adventures are always a fun ride.

Love the ongoing joke of Randy’s mnemonic device for remembering things, from getting fired from the restaurant to his marriage falling apart, to not getting a  job in Brad’s office, to probably getting beat up at his new tattooing gig.

You’ve Got Male

Another thing I absolutely love about Happy Endings: the circular nature of the stories within an episode. There’s usually one theme of two that comes full circle while carefully picking up from the last episode. In You’ve Got Male it’s the high school teacher who goes through Penny and the Food Truck (back to the food truck!) and the new coffee chain that affects Alex and her small business and Max’s new boyfriend.

Rome by the B-52’s wasn’t written in a day

Up on “Steak Me Home Tonight” Dave has decided to enter the Truckkies, a local food competition to raise his profile.Unfortunatly, This got Mr. Fitzgerald (Allan) involved, Dave’s old favourite high school teacher who he now idolizes.

Love how insane Allan turned out to be and how Penny had to figure it out! Also extra love that Dave won the Truckkies without him!

The finale scene where the gang rides outside of Nick’s Coffee on the food truck and Max makes a big not super romantic gesture was brilliant. I love that it was a big scene with a lot of payoff but not in the way you’d expect, here they go playing with conventions and our expectations again. Instead of kissing and getting together there and then, they decide to forgive each other and keep it casual, Max rides off with not so much as a kiss and is very pleased with the results.

Were his lips as soft as they looks? – Brad
Yeah they were – Max

What were your favourite moments in TV comedy this Wednesday? 


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