Comedy Quickies – Thurs May 12/ Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office

One season finale and two shows steamroll through their penultimate week of the season. Community gets its Star Wars on in the thrilling season finale and Parks & Recreation warms our hears and takes us to the Prom. The Office manages to keep on keeping on without their fearless leader. -S


Now this is how you do a season finale. Every finale should have a kiss like the one between Annie and Abed, a rainfall of red paint not required.

I absolutely loved Troy taking charge before it was thrust upon Jeff. Also Abed quickly taking on the role of Han Solo before Jeff fell into it (I loved Abed as Han Solo about as much as Annie did, I also always love a good Han Solo).

I do wish that the two-parter was aired in the same week to keep the momentum since the first episode was more action packed and this week was more emotionally centered. Both fantastic but working better together than apart.

Below the jump: Parks and Recreation & The Office

Parks & Recreation

There were so many things to absolutely love about Parks & Recreation this week. It was almost too overwhelming having two entire episodes with Parks & Rec at it’s best. Somewhere between laughing out loud and my heart exploding with sweetness two fantastic episodes happened. Seriously, another double up next week? Is there such thing as too much of a good thing? If the good thing is snake juice then the answer is yes, if it’s Parks & Rec, probably not.

The Fight

This is so high school. Rent a limo, ask her to the prom, I’m sure she’ll say yes

This was kind of like if Parks & Recreation had a prom. The characters  got wasted, danced, laughed, dressed up, acted like crazy people, fought, regretted things, apologized, made up and other feelings were revealed. But in like, such a high school kind of way.

Ron dancing.

Ann & Leslie’s fight starting out as something completely legit and degrading into one of the most amazingly realistic and simultaneously hilarious drunken fights on television ever. Followed by the amazingly realistic hungover realization of how stupid it was the night before, remembering snippits and being mortified by them and trying to forget.

And nice save with Ann getting a job at City Hall, finally a real reason for her to be around….all the time.

The Road Trip

Ann has really been on fire lately:
Wow, that was the most sexual tension I have ever seen in a conversation about documents.

Why don’t you ask him about his penis – Ann on non-sexy conversation topics

Plus Ann sneaking in a little Berry White on the decidedly unsexy road trip mix… and how effective it was in getting Leslie and Ben a little closer to one another pretty much immediately.

I loved watching Leslie in her usual state of mind absolutely over thinking and planning for her drive to Indianapolis with Ben Wyatt, binder and conversation topics in hand.

I’m allergic to fingers

It was adorable watching Ben fawn over Leslie, complementing her and pretty much winning the bid for the softball tournament by telling the council how much he loved the town (read: Leslie). Later at dinner watching him continue through the thinly veiled metaphor before finally telling her they needed to talk about it, and that awful split second of silence when he asked her if he’s not alone in these feelings.

Adam Scott is known for his ability to play uncomfortable/annoyed, he and Amy Poehler acted the hell out of the awkward annoyance with Chris when he interrupted their not a date and potential make outs.

I absolutely loved the kiss at the end. Way to go for it Ben, rules be damned! I can’t wait to see where they go with it. Both Ben and Leslie are staunch rule followers, but also infamous for getting around the rules they don’t like…well that’s mostly Leslie. I don’t know what it will be, but I’m certain it will be fun.

The Office

Of course the complacent Jim would say no to the role of acting manager (plus if his stint as co-manager a while back was any indication, he legitimately didn’t want it). But what did he think would happen, Jo would just let it be once he rejected the role?

Loved watching Dwight go crazy with power creating unprecedented and strange rules in the office including the (very) staggered lunch times. Gladly this didn’t last long because Dwight accidentally fired a gun into the floor allowing the rest of the office to have some pretty great blackmail material on him.

Dwight for some reason thought that coming clean to Jo about the gunshot would keep him on top over the blackmailers… she ain’t that dumb.

The episode ends with Creed as acting manager due to seniority and a search committee of Gabe, Jim and Toby charged with finding a new manager. I think I’m going to like this.

What were your favourite moments in TV comedy this past week?  Do you think The Office is on track without Michael Scott? What do you think will happen with Ben and Leslie now that they’ve broken the rules and kissed? Speaking of kisses, how about Annie & Abed – is that going to be a thing or does she just kiss someone every year?


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