Ahoy hoy, Pirates arrrr Cool: S on Doctor Who 6×03 “The Curse of the Black Spot”

The “The Curse of the Black Spot” had a hard act to follow after the past two weeks took us on a fantastical thrill ride in “The Impossible Astronaut” & The Day of the Moon.  This was an episode that succeeded in the moments it created.  The TARDIS ended up marooned on a 17th Century pirate ship (surprise!)

Didn’t find the premise to be the most compelling story, but the little bits along the way were what made this episode fun. Amy sword fighting was brilliant – she’s quite resourceful and sort of fearless. Her rope swing across the Pirate Ship reminded me of a season 1 Rose… aww.

I loved watching the Doctor being forced to walk the plank. He always seems to weasel his way out of situations using his gift of the gab. In this case he took control of the situation, throwing the pirates off their guard, he wasn’t afraid. He tried to get them to appear more menacing, insisting that the pirates fit the stereotype that he images them as, asking them for their hearty laugh as he walked to his death.

No one says yo-ho-ho anymore?

The Doctor convincing the pirates to laugh more and cause a bigger scene as he was being pushed of the plank was fantastic. The power dynamic that followed between the Captain and The Doctor was the heart of this episode.

Is this because you’re threatened because I’m a captain too – your boat is bigger than mine

The Captain seemed to pick up on the TARDIS controls pretty quickly; he points out, A ship’s a ship; Wheel, telescope, they all do the same thing ship to ship, the atom accelerator on the other hand, he’ll catch on.

The Captain stood up to the Doctor and wasn’t so quick to follow, he did however take the Doctor’s advice on several occasions. I like when people stand up to the Doctor and don’t cede their power so easily, it makes sense that a pirate would do that.

I feel like there’s something staring right at me

Some of the story didn’t do much for me. We had our monster that was beautiful and deadly that would turn on a dime from sweetly singing her siren song to a screeching red hot anger. Since Doctor Who loves tales of redemption and finding the good, the screaming demon was really a hologram doctor. She was from another ship from another dimension stuck in the same parking space. She was programmed to fix people so she dragged the injured pirates over to her sick bay to cure them, she just didn’t know how.

I found the Captain and his son story to be a little heavy handed, greed is bad and it causes harm to others, another redemption arc. The Captain was punished for his greed by losing the respect and eventually the life of his son. When he was ready to change, really change and risk his own life and treasure he was redeemed being allowed to continue on in the other universe, on the abandoned space ship with his son and crew with him.

Seasonal Arc Watch:

  • Amy is still pregnant/not-pregnant
  • The mysterious woman from the room appears to tell Amy it’s going to be okay It’s fine, you’re doing fine
  • Flashbacks of the Doctor dying, this is going to be a difficult secret to keep

Other fun things

  • The Doctor’s obsession with accessories continues as he dons a pirate hat
  • Rory telling Amy she looks good and should dress as a pirate more often (call back to their role playing back in the Christmas Special)
  • Amy sniping back at Rory because he said the mermaid was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen – and his embarrassment at saying that

This was a light episode in what seems like will be a heavy season. How did you feel about this episode? Do you think pirates are cool? What do you think the woman behind the door is all about? When will the Doctor discover Amy and Rory’s secret? And what’s up with Amy’s pregnancy?


One thought on “Ahoy hoy, Pirates arrrr Cool: S on Doctor Who 6×03 “The Curse of the Black Spot”

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