Comedy Quickies – May 4th/5th

Finale time is upon us! 30 Rock wrapped it’s fifth season this week, and Community kicked off it’s 2-week finale! Also in Comedies this week, Cougar Town, Happy Endings, Big Bang Theory, Parks & Recreation and The Office. – S

Cougar Town

I love that neither Bobby nor Jules understood the punishment bestowed upon him by the council.

Oh Trav, I think we all kind of knew he was going to getting his little heart crushed, and as hard as it was for us (and Jules) to watch the lead up to the proposal where Grayson and Trav bond was great.

Below the jump: Modern Family, Happy Endings, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office & 30 Rock

Happy Endings

Of Mice and Jazz Kwon-Do

I sometimes wonder if the networks all have secret meetings where they play a game where they plant the same joke in the same week or so in different programs to see who’s paying attention.

Happy Endings featured the second Bin Laden joke on scripted television this week after (2nd that I caught, any others out there?) Dave compares to the mouse he’s trying to trap in Alex’s apartment “He’s my bin Laden. … Jessica bin Laden, a super hot Arab girl I went to college with.
This is after in this week’s episode of Chuck Casey revealed his “fancy targets” to have bin Laden’s face on them.

Dave of the Dead

…ugh, I’m so over it… just kidding. I love to love things and not just ironically.

Making fun of hipsters is always funny, it gave us a ton of fun outfits and Alex reminding Penny and Max that they’re in her store, that actually sells nice clothes.

Alex being the one to be ruthless and actually tell Dave the truth about his terribly restaurant plan was fantastic. Despite the awkward (understatement) end to their romantic relationship there are still strong feelings between them. She doesn’t want to see him hurt and offers the most sensible advice. Do what you love, stick with what you’re good at and start small.

It was this advice that let the restaurant and hipster story-lines intersect as the gang escapes the hoard of hipster-zombies in Dave’s newly purchased food truck.

Oh yeah, the competition of who would survive a zombie attack between Max and Jane, well Jane’s the clear winner.

The Big Bang Theory

Penny picked out some fantastic shoes for herself. I really hope they help her nab that astronaut and a part in a film opposite Angelina Jolie.


I don’t name people Annie, I’m a deputy, I deputize.

Sorry Jeff Winger, the Dark Rider really is that handsome. *swoons*

I don’t want to say much more since we’re only halfway through, except I love westerns, and loved part one of this episode and the lead into next week’s Star Wars theme.

Parks & Recreation

Everything about Eagleton was so over-the-top it was hilarious. Plush blankets and trays of breakfast pastries in jail, crepe stations and ipod filled goody bags at the town meeting. People actually being respectful of one another. Actually, I’d watch that spin-off where we see the dirt that goes down behind closed doors.

Tom is absolutely shameless, asking Lindsay Carlisle-Shea, Leslie’s rival to hire him in a tone of voice sounding like he’s telling her off capped off my throwing his resume at her. The tone fooled no one, except of course for Andy.

The resolution to the Leslie-Lindsay war was really sweet. She was too hurt by the abandoned friendship to see it from the larger perspective, Lindsay was jealous of Leslie and what she had accomplished. Leslie is amazing, somehow pulling a wiffleball league out of nowhere and creating a fun activity where it had just been a run-down dump of land. And she managed to start to salvage the friendship they had lost.

Ron tries so hard to look like he doesn’t care, but his solid advice to Leslie about the job in Eagleton 5 years ago stuck with her and earned him the perfect birthday celebration, alone. But he’s not getting off so easy next year and I hope we get to see that next season!

The Office

So this is what it’s going to be like without Michael. It’s more ensemble which is nice, and I liked the play with the clique, it’s those strained inter-office politics that make this show work. Now they just need to get the rest of it to click back into place.

30 Rock

This episode felt less like a finale than  an epilogue. Less momentum, but not without some good laughs. This is what the crew does on it’s holiday… pretty much more of the same.

Jack & Kenneth’s story stole the show as Jack descented into a sort of grief/maddness over the kidnapping of his wife Avery. Until Kenneth, who Jack had been treating as an ersatz-Avery seemingly became possessed by her spirit in his own right and yelled at Jack until he snapped out of it.

What were your favourite moments in TV comedy this past week? 


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