Top 5 Mother’s Day Edition: TV’s Awesome Moms

In honour of Mother’s Day, we at The Viewing Party have put together a special Top 5 list of some favourite TV moms.  Whether annoying, comical, or just plain sweet, these ladies all embrace unique interpretations of motherhood.  Enjoy!

Lwaxana Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation

She’s the Betazoid mother of Counsellor Troi that Captain Picard loves to hate.  What happens when you combine a hilariously overbearing personality with telepathic abilities?

Jackie Tyler from Doctor Who

Rose’s mum who shows up periodically throughout the first three seasons of (new) Doctor Who is perhaps a bit of a floozy, but she’s always there when Rose needs her.  Plus she adds to the great comedy of the show!

Martha Rodgers from Castle

A consummate performer who now lives with her son because her ex-husband stole all her money, Martha is a Broadway diva through and through. She also has her moments when she is being an amazing mother and grandmother, looking out for Castle and helping him raise his daughter Alexis.

Sharon “Athena” Agathon from Battlestar Galactica

Sharon Agathon turned her back on her people to live with the humans, to fight on the side she believed in and be with the man she loved and married, Helo. Their child, Hera, a human-cylon hybrid was sought after and kidnapped time after time by both sides of the war. Athena did everything in her power, even forcing her husband to kill her so she could be resurrected on a Cylon ship to save her daughter.  Athena was an amazing soldier who withstood torture and being ostracized by almost everyone, and in all that she was a loving, caring and dedicated mom to Hera.

This video has a whole bunch of clips showing the relationship between Athena and Helo, the hardships they went through, the joy, and their child, Hera.

Ellie “Awesome” Bartowski from Chuck

It’s in her name, she’s awesome. Ellie thrives as a new mom, she has her moments of freak outs, but then finds her Father’s computer and uses her mega-brain to crack crazy genius codes and becomes more daring and integral to the spy team than ever before. She is sweet, and kind and brilliant, plus she was sort of a mom to Chuck growing up when he didn’t have anyone else.

Ellie uses her wiles to trick Jeff & Lester into getting her computer back:

click here for video

And a shout out to both Mama B’s, Ellie gives birth to Clara with her Mama by her side:

Click here for video

And now some honourable mentions!

To say Fringe is made up of some complicated parent-child relationships would be the understatement of two universes, and one of the many wonderful things season three brought us this year, was throwing both Olivia’s and Peter’s respective mothers into the mix. Whatever side they were really from, both Marilyn Dunham and Elizabeth Bishop clearly want the best for their children. Pity it doesn’t always work out.

Olivia meets her (Alt)Mom:

click here for video

And little Peter in the kitchen with his mother on this side:

Click here for video

Who are your favourite TV Moms? Add them to our list in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Mother’s Day Edition: TV’s Awesome Moms

  1. Great mother’s day collection by the Viewing Party!
    But my dears, how could you forget Mrs. Bennett from P & P.
    Before we judge Mrs. Bennett too harshly for lack of sensitivity as a mother, we should “have some compassion for [her] poor nerves”. Truly a remarkable woman; a social grasper who ignores anyone’s agenda but her own and stays faithful to her intention of seeing her daughters married….to money!

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