Rick & Kate take Los Angeles – S on Castle 3×22 “To Love and Die in L.A.”

J – We have so much to discuss, I love everything you said about the developments of Kate and Rick’s relationship, we’re on first name basis these days, something that you keenly pointed out. I loved watching our favourite pair invade the west coast, the outfits, the adventures… and I’ll try not to step too hard on your toes when it comes to the mushy stuff!

Read J’s awesome review of To Love and Die in L.A. Here

I’ll try not to turn this into a novel (novella perhaps?) so please stay with me! I adored the easy breezy transition the show went through as Beckett & Castle took over L.A. between a massive wardrobe change and some sweet aviators (not to mention the stop, drop & stare swimsuit Beckett was sporting)

This week had a much different feel than the usual, the on-location shooting in California had a lot to do with it, but so did the personal nature of the story lines. Usually when we dive into Beckett’s past it’s in incredibly heart wrenchingly dark episodes like “Sucker Punch” and “Knock Down” the tone is completely different.

This week nearly went down that path. The dark Manhattan street where Royce’s body was found took us to a very noir setting, full of shadows, detectives and trench coats, the streets looked slick from rain, and the silence, penetrated only by a few errant sirens – was deafening.

The heartbreaking look on Beckett’s face as she approached the scene, obviously glad to meet Castle’s supportive eyes as she arrived was enough to take your breath away

Even the tone of Royce’s voice as he narrated the letter he wrote for Beckett lent a tone of noir to the episode, as in traditional noir fashion, it bookended the L.A. chapter of the story.

What’s the weather like
Sunny, chance of ass-kicking

J talks about how adorable Castle is when he’s curled up in his first-class seat sleeping his way back to the Big Apple. Something I love about Castle is how multi-dimensional the characters are. I’m not talking about character development in the sense that the characters go through emotional growth (which they do), what I do mean is that none of the characters on Castle are a type, they are all complex. We can see many sides of one character in a single episode.  It’s something we’re not surprised to find, but something we expect.

On Castle they aren’t afraid to have their leading man be many parts. He is funny, witty and often times quite cavalier, he’s a playboy author who likes toys. He’s also a father and a family man who cares deeply about the well being of his daughter Alexis, and his mother Martha and will always be there for them. He is fiercely loyal to the point of taking extreme risks that threaten his life, he is extremely brave. And he’s the teddy bear curled up on the airplane seat next to the woman he loves who is struggling to tell him the same.

Speaking of well rounded characters, from day one we knew that Kate Beckett had a wild side although we were told more often than shown in offhand remarks and random skill sets. As Beckett’s character warmed into the second season she shared more, we saw her acting under cover, letting more of his history slip to us, to Castle. But she has also grown with Castle, he seems to have had quite the influence on her bringing out the funny, creative, risky crazy side of her that was bubbling under the surface.

As for the Gene Simmons thing, J – I couldn’t stop laughing to myself because Beckett’s look on her face when she admits that she dressed up like him too was priceless!

We saw a lot of this in L.A. as Beckett basically plays Castle and pretends to be a cop where she had no jurisdiction. Breaking into houses to find evidence and re-purposing an entire movie set complete with fake cops and a squad car (conveniently and their disposal) to fake an interrogation. Not to mention the undercover operation by the pool

I’m not getting rid of you am I? (she says with a smile, to which he eyebrow responds “never”)

I’m going to hop back over into J’s territory to quickly discuss the amazing hotel scene where Rick & Kate are sharing room service and long meaningful looks. I agree with J that this really wasn’t the time for a hook up. I’ve long thought that when the time comes it can’t be a time when either party is vulnerable; with emotions running high either because of a life-threatening situation (Set-Up reviews here & here, Countdown here & here) or reeling from a death of a close one.

I think the scene in which Beckett opens her door to return to Castle just as she sees his door closing behind him spoke loudly to her, especially given what was in the letter that Royce wrote (and yes, twitter aside I’ve been in the camp that she read it all at once before LA). That closing door just as she opened hers was a moment of clarity, he’s not going to wait forever.

With your looks honey, you could be an actress

Visiting the set of Naked Heat was a real treat, and kind of a trip. Of course Meet your creator Castle is treated like royalty, and both Rick & Kate are stunned by all of their doubles. I love that we came back and used the set as a fake interrogation room where Beckett could pretend to be a cop – isn’t that kind of Castle’s thing, well he got to play too. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of nuns with machine guns in the background.

Usually when a movie is created based on real life characters the actors are more beautiful than the people they are based on. Let’s forget for a second that the movie is based on real life people who exist inside a TV show, and I’d say you’d be hard up to find a cast that is as good looking as the cast of Castle.

To find an actress more strikingly beautiful than Stana Katic, a man more fittingly ruggedly handsome than Fillion, even Ochoa & Raley, the Ryan & Esposito copies were no match for the real deal.

Notes on Stana’s Wardrobe:

Another crazy shout out to @RedCarpetLuke who live tweets through Castle episodes commenting on the action and the outfits like a champ. Anyone who is interested in the clothing on Castle must follow him!

  • Need I say anything about the bathing suit? That thing should win its own Emmy
  •  No one can rock a white t-shirt and jeans like Stana Katic can
  • LOVED that she pretty much revamped her entire wardrobe for the trip to L.A., loved the aviators, the breezy blouses held together by a simple belt…
  • Loved her borrowing the NYC style get-up from the costume department at the movie set, because as buttoned up as she is at home, there’s no way she packed that outfit on her “vacation”

Other Mentionables:

  • Castle fit in its obligatory pop culture reference of the week by having Ganz use the name Neil McCauley, a character Robert De Niro played in a film, and then doubled up because the film the name is taken from is called “Heat” a fun play on the ongoing Nikki Heat theme.
  • Upon Beckett’s Bond-Inspired exit from the swimming pool Castle (with fancy umbrella drink in hand) looked like he was about to just fall right over. Amazing!
  • Poke you I’m going to kiss you – one of those things you say that you absolutely mean, but absolutely didn’t mean to say out loud.
  • Dissolving bullets are totally making it into Castle’s next Heat novel
  •  Ryan & Esposito would do anything for Beckett, and they can be terrible liars
  • Loved finally getting a scene with Laney & Esposito, at least someone’s getting’ some around there
  • Ryan & Esposito’s handshake thing was so cute! Plus seeing them get all badass on Mannis was awesome
  • I’m not here for room service, I’m here for justice Castle was clearly scrambling for a pen

I’m looking forward to the light fare that next week’s “Pretty Dead” is promising before the soul crushing season finale in two weeks! The only downside of the very exciting, and heavy season finale – the prospect of the summer without Castle.

Did Montgomery really think that Beckett would stay out of the murder investigation of her training officer, former best friend and a man that she loved? How long do you think it will take before Beckett acts on Royce’s advice and puts her heart first? More pressing – did Dr. Motorcycle Boy just drop off the face of the planet?

Till Next Week

– S

EDIT: I had to add this – I loved the final song of the episode so much – so fitting, so nice.


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