Top 5: Fun Star Wars References, May the 4th be with You

In honour of Star Wars day we decided to round up some fun Star Wars parodies and references from some of our favourite TV shows. Star Wars has had such an enormous impact on our culture it was nearly impossible to just choose a few [B did fight hard for Family Guy’s inclusion], but few we did choose and in no particular order.

Enjoy and May the Fourth be with you.

5) Scrubs – My Two Dads (1×05)

The first of many, many Star Wars spoofs and references in Scrubs . In true JD fashion everything is about him, and in his head it plays out like a scene from Star Wars with two forces battling for his soul.

4) Captain Malcolm Reynolds – Firefly

Everything about this Space Cowboy in the Western they call Firefly screams Han Solo. Mal is the Captain of Serenity, veteran of a war against the central authority taking work where he can, rubbing shoulders with all the wrong people.

A Collection of Firefly snippets give you a really good idea of what the series was about. But seriously, if you haven’t already seen it go do yourself a favour and do it, like now.

3) Princess Leia Lemon – 30 Rock

Liz wisely dresses up as Princess Leia to avoid jury duty. This is not the first Star Wars reference in the pop culture riddled 30 Rock, but it certainly leaves an impression.

2) Let’s Hang out & Play Star Wars – Chuck

By season three Chuck has become quite the savvy, ripped spy guy so it’s hard to remember that he started out as a huge nerd who could hardly talk to girls who made a living as a NerdHerder at the Buy More. His shooting skills did come from Duck Hunt rather than the intersect.

In the earlier days Sarah dressed up like Princess Leia to impress Chuck (Watch Video Here). And later ended up playing Star Wars with his best friend Morgan: Watch Morgan & Sarah’s “hang outs” HERE

Not to mention the amazing scene in Chuck vs The Subway where the intersect program is being shut down and in her final transition before evacuation General Beckman sends a message to castle “You are our only hope” to Chuck through a glitchy hologram screen. WATCH HERE

1) “It’s a Trap” – The Big Bang Theory

The fellas of Big Bang Theory have many sci-fi obsessions, including their own special Star Wars quirks.

Sheldon has been working very hard on his impression of Admiral Ackbar’s “Its a Trap”

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video, so CLICK HERE to watch on youtube.

Don’t forget the many appearances of Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton who repeatedly references Star Wars despite, to Sheldon’s dismay and confusion,  it not even being his franchise. CLICK HERE for Darth Wheaton.

One more valuable lesson from the boys of TBBT, a lightsaber is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a flashlight

Did we get any of your fave Star Wars on TV moments? Which must see references or spoofs did we leave out? Don’t forget to tell us what’s what in the comments!


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