Team Bartowski gains a Bartowski & a Very Big Secret about Volkoff – S on Chuck vs. Agent X

The pieces are coming together for an awesome season finale; they have been for weeks now, but in “Chuck vs. Agent X” we’re ready for the big finish. We’ve got a wedding, family estrangement issues that are coming to a head, a big bag, his badder daughter and a massive mission that would undermine the authority of the CIA. But that’s for next week and the week after that.

This week is for the bachelor/bachelorette parties – and an international mission to England when Riley returns to steal Steven Bartowski’s laptop in a bid to find Agent X on Vivian Volkoff’s orders.

The bachelor party was pretty much a fail, there’s no way Awesome would be going to Las Vegas, and he’s totally the bonding in nature kind of dude. There were however a few positives we got out of it; I love watching Casey take charge, he’s ability to delegate is fantastic: watching Awesome & Morgan sharpen spears and pump themselves up to fight only to find out it was a distraction was hilarious!

As for the continued use of Jeffster & Big Mike throughout the episode, not so much. Sure the driving montage was cute, but who let Jeff drive anything anyway? The Renaux, BC instead of Reno, Nevada gag was silly and not very funny, but I’ll take it for the Canada shout out.

Sarah’s bachelorette was slightly more successful. Just when we thought Sarah wrapped in her toilet paper wedding gown was the most uncomfortable we’ve ever seen her – enter the four strippers Ellie hired. Sarah’s reaction to being at the center of that kind of attention was hilarious. I don’t know if she’d ever been so glad to hear that the CIA had a breech of security that she needed to attend to immediately.

Riley was back and making a play to steal Papa Bartowski’s computer and find Agent X. Vivian Volkoff is on the hunt to find her father’s greatest rival and eliminate him so she can be safe, and no one will be able to touch her.

Chuck’s sit down with Ellie where she Rubik’s cubed him felt like an end of an episode kind of talk, but it was really just a launching point of the episode for the real adventure to begin. She figured him out in a second, it was pretty obvious that he is still a spy anyway.  It was about time the secrets were told and the Bartowski siblings could band together to fight evil. Ellie & Chuck’s relationship is amazing, it has been at the heart of so much that has gone on in this show and it was an obvious strain for both of them when there were secrets between them.

Finally Ellie the super-genius is being utilized. She’s managed to hack into her father’s computer and discover the intersect program and clues leading to the elusive Agent X. I love that Ellie is now in on the fun and games. Her expression when she walked into Castle was amazing; this is where she belongs, or y’know in the hospital saving lives.

This girl is amazingly talented. Chuck was right about one thing, Ellie does have Baby Clara to keep in mind. This doesn’t mean she can’t be part of the team, it just means she could do herself some good to stay out of direct fire and fight with her mind using the computer and solving other problems using her genius skills.

There go my primroses, eat lead you bastard

As soon as Chuck flashed that the key image about Agent X was a house in Britain I totally called him being Volkoff; it also explains why the Russian villain speaks with a British accent.

Volkoff has by far been my favourite Chuck villain, he has such a magnetic personality with his ups and downs, pure evil and his strange soft moments of sentimentality. He is just kind of all around amazing, also Timothy Dalton is just… Yes!

But seriously, this is an amazing turn of events that pulls all the threads of this season together. Both Chuck & Ellie’s hang-ups on their father’s work, especially all the work that Ellie had been doing with Papa Bartowski’s computer, carrying on the search for Agent X that he had not been able to finish, combine this with Volkoff, his daughter an d a wedding. I’m so excited!

Casey is right; they’ve uncovered the fact that the CIA created one of the biggest baddest villains of the modern age. He knows that if they bring this fact to light they will all have a kill order placed on them by a big guy like him. The thing about Bartowski’s is that they will never, ever leave anything alone – and now there are two (soon to be three!) on the case.

A few more things:

  • The small gambling town Renaux, British Columbia sort of reminded me of One Eyed Jacks in Twin Peaks, it might just be because they’re both on the Canadian border, or that Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) reprises his role as Riley.
  • In Canadian Rules Black Jack Jokers are worth 13
  • Oh is that a gun?… no
  • Casey is seriously impressed with Mama Hartley! You’re the mother I never had
  • Casey’s fancy targets had a picture of Bin Laden – too bad someone just beat him to the punch. Nice coincidental timing show!

Do you think Team Bartowski will manage to deprogram Volkoff? If they do what does that mean for Vivian? Did Mama Bartowski know that Volkoff was Agent X all along and that was her deep cover mission? Where will Awesome fit into all this now that Ellie is involved in all the do-gooder evil fighting? What will Sarah’s wedding dress look like?

So many questions and only two episodes left – I love crunch time!


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