Comedy Quickies – April 27/28

B is engaging in a battle with his laptop and the evil forces of tech support. He assures me that he will emerge victorious one way or another and will be back with his always awesome insights into our fave comedies in time for May sweeps.  So until then you’re stuck with me.  – S

Cougar Town

We were promised an episode where Laurie discovers twitter and becomes awesome at it. As a follower and part of the @Larmy, I thought that it would be more obviously incorporated into the show (somehow?)  although I was impressed by the twitter account & how she used it to conquer trivia night.

What I really loved was 1) watching Jules be humiliated in public for stupid mistakes, mostly because her reactions were priceless, and because the contrast to Bobby completely owning his title as Wrong Balls Bobby as he hit his competitor’s ball at a major golf tournament after Jules prayed to have her bad luck transferred elsewhere. 2) Barb’s misuse of the work Kick-Ass after last week’s redefinition because gettng your ass kicked is never a good thing.

Below the jump: Happy Endings, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office & 30 Rock

Happy Endings

Never too old for Nerf.

I’ve always been one for themes that run throughout my favourite shows within a given week. I’d like to point out that Max’s failure to return home with toilet paper and instead pulls a foam dart gun out of his bag mirror’s April & Andy’s attempts at shopping for essentials on Parks & Recreation on Thursday evening where they return home with a marshmallow shooter As Seen on TV!

The Big Bang Theory

As nice as it is to see someone one-up Sheldon with the ease that Priya does, I’m still not a fan of that relationship. Her obvious uneasiness with him as her boyfriend and her absolute unwillingness to tell her parents about him are hopeful signs that it will soon be over.

I’d much rather be out at girls night drinking with Bernadette, Penny and Amy Farrah-Fowler bitching about the new girl invading the “group” and dancing the night away.

I’m very glad that we were able to witness Sheldon’s first kiss with a non-family member and did not involve a first aid emergency. I hope we continue to (lightly) explore that side of the Amy/Sheldon dynamic, perhaps when she’s feeling a little better.


So glad it’s not a Chang baby. That being said, Chang was surprisingly helpful in his unique sort of way telling all those crazy Chang stories to keep Shirley calm.
The scene with Britta underneath Shirley’s skirt was just brilliant
Abed taking charge as he delivered a baby earlier this season
Troy: What? Where was I when that happened?

Abed: I don’t know … off in the background.

As for Dean Pelton’s fake fire alarm gag, weird that we saw Leslie pull a fake fire alarm just last week on Park’s & Recreation.

I just saw “500 Days of Britta” had to share.Remember how last week the show addressed how anything could look romantic with the right music and slow motion? Yeah, this is that.

Parks & Recreation

Oh my heart. Those are the three words I started my Parks & Rec post last week. They still stand true. 

Beyond how frickin’ cute Ben & Leslie are as they satellite around each other, (it’s not a will they/wont they, it’s a when can they get away with it) Adam Scott kills it as the frustrated sensible guy as he tries to convince April & Andy to live like humans.

Do you even know what cute means?

Finally Jerry does something right, and sort of gets credit for it. I loved his pump up speech to Leslie about how she’s acting like him by not doing anything, she needs to be Leslie, the strong goddess and fight. Even Jerry is putting Jerry down. 

H pointed out to me earlier this week that Parks & Recreation treats its characters better, and with more respect than any other show she watches. Even on Parks & Recreation where Jerry is the fall guy for pretty much everything, he is given his moments even if they’re fleeting.

The Office

I loved this episode. When discussing Michael’s farewell with my brother he was disappointed because the episode wasn’t very funny. It wasn’t, it was one of those weird heartwarming episodes where Michael is self aware and it’s more about the story than the laughs. I loved the weird yet sort of heartwarming goodbyes Michael had with each character.

This Michael wasn’t entirely out of character, his attempt at a low-key goodbye was not without a struggle. It was true to character that because of Holly he is growing up, he has become far more self aware, especially since the screening of Threat Level Midnight.

His breakdown when he realized that he was really leaving and he had no idea where he was really going was so integral to keeping this episode going.

30 Rock

Smooth Move Ferguson – Tracy Jordan’s ego is not unjustified, the world pretty much stopped spinning at TGS when he took off. Now that he’s back he is disturbed to hear that they have laughed without him. Good thing the joke really was as lame as it sounded, it was the set up that was funny.

For me the real highlight between Liz’s hallucinations while getting her apartment and by extension her life together, fighting with plastic bags and losing – was Avery & Jack.

While Avery was in Asia as part of NBC’s Hot Blondes in Weird Places initiative she was kidnapped by Kim-Jong II and forced to be a news anchor and icon in North Korea.

Highlights: Reagan mask jellybean Skype sex – who else!?!,  Avery can stand up to most kinds of torture, but being forced to renounce capitalism, the worst & I loved watching Jack racked with guilt as he witnessed this all unfold on TV.


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