Top 10: Monsterpiece Theater & Other Sesame Street Spoofs

There’s nothing like growing up and realizing that the things you loved as a kid are still totally awesome. As it turns out, Sesame Street has still got it.

As little Sesame Street watching children all grown up, we were thrilled to discover that Sesame Street still has something for us; we still find ourselves coming back to our favourite segment; “Monsterpiece Theater”. This segment has spoofed so many of our favourite TV Shows, Films and other literary works.We love these so much and there are so many to choose from that we could hardly narrow the list down to just 5, so roll with us, we’re amping this one up to 10!

#10: Sesame Street is something that many of us experienced as children, we’re asking for YOUR help to pick out your favourite Sesame Culture Spoof to round out this list! Post your fave in the comments below, feeling shy? E-mail us at theviewingparty [at] gmail [dot] com. We don’t have much to give away in terms of prizes, so if we choose yours you will win our love, admiration, and a virtual high five!

9 ) 12 Angry Men

I do love a good retelling of the classic “12 Angry Men” but I am a little curious about those “Three Sad Cows” & “Two Proud Pigs”. Don’t fear, in a surprise twist this Monsterpiece Theater classic doesn’t neglect to include 12 very, very angry men.

Fave quote “You’re going to be hearing from my agent” listen for it at the end.

8) Much Ado About Nothing by Wilma Shakespeare

It’s a riff on the famous Grover the Waiter segment which if you don’t know it you should probably see first. We learn important lessons about customer service and the importance of listening to others and working together to reach a goal!

And then we travel back to Shakespearean times for a similar fiasco in Monsterpiece Theater’s presentation of Much Ado About Nothing. Grover is good at counting, but still not a very good waiter.

7) Upstairs Downstairs

And a British edition from our one and only Allister Cookie, the exciting and riveting chronicles of the accent and descent of a flight of stairs.

6) The King and i

A classic love story and dance number about a King and i.

5) Taming of the Shoe

“To thine own self, be shoe” Here we learn important lessons about cooperation, Muppet dancing, and get a little taste of Shakespeare.

4) Law & Order: Special Letters Unit

The various incarnations of Law & Order were a staple in my house growing up, I’m still a fan of original recipe and the occasional SVU. The first time I saw this it made my day. Chung Chung

3) 30 Rocks

I love this one because it’s basically exactly what 30 Rock is like anyway. Plus we learn valuable lessons in counting and how to be a smart consumers.

As an added tidbit for this one we have to include a clip from 30 Rock itself. In Season 3 we see the world through Kenneth’s eyes, apparently he see’s everyone as Muppet’s

2) 39 Stairs

1) Twin Beaks

For me Twin Peaks was love at first viewing. I zipped through the first season before frantically checking video stores throughout the city to get my hands on the second to rent or even to purchase. I even sat through the terrible “Fire Walk With Me” because I needed more. I will forever love David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan and all the other amazing people and pies that created Twin Peaks. As I’ve already rambled enough, this is my #1 because of how awesomely it makes a show with such adult content into something funny and enjoyable for the children who are watching, and the adults who tune in as well.

Monsterpiece Theatre Presents: Twin Beaks

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