Peter & The Machine – S Recaps Fringe 3×20 “6:02 AM EST”

I’ve felt a bit up and down on Fringe lately, this is mostly because I hold Fringe up to crazy high standards so if I’m not spending the entire hour at the edge of my seat I feel let down. After being pretty disappointed with “Stowaway” it took a little bump to get me back into the Fringe zone.

Since then I have been falling back in love with this show and am certain that this week’s ep (“6:02 AM EST”) has served as an amazing set up to what I’m sure will be a fantastic penultimate episode in “The Last Sam Weiss” and an agonizing wait until the finale the week after that.

This week we began like any other day, Olivia’s favourite time of day, in the morning when the world is still full of hope and possibilities. The episode is framed beautifully with Olivia from over here waking up in the beautiful sunlight of freedom, and Olivia from over there in captivity having the light shut out on her. Is this a sign of things to come?

Actually we start in a lab in Alt-Verse, is it a thing that we should notice that they are talking about uncontrolled static electricity? Then we discover what we had pretty much been guessing at, Walternate will be using his grandson’s DNA to start the machine.

Can we stop and give a round of applause to John Noble. He brings a wash of emotions to Walternate in his voice and his face, it is a close up where he exposits the probably consequences of his actions.  He is tormented over his decision, destroy their universe to save ours. Walternate is frighteningly aware of the personal sacrifices he is making, his soul, his conscience, his son, as well as the massive casualties and destruction that will follow his actions, if it even works to preserve his world. John Noble expresses this torment and strength so beautifully, it’s heartbreaking.

We transition into our universe over Manhattan/Manhatan with the view of Liberty Island.

You always know things are serious when animals are losing their shit. Sheep are spooked at 6:00AM on a farm in Accord, New York when WHAM! Weirdness hits them in the face.

I just hit a swarm of locusts, it’s like the blessed apocalypse


This week is the set up episode of the three episode finale arc. Based on what happened tonight I’m so excited to see how the rest of the finale will pan out, hate that it’s going to take three weeks for the story to be told, and LOVE that Fringe has been renewed for a fourth season.

Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) is back. What is it about him, I need to know his secrets, he knows something is up.

Crazy events are happening – that’s standard fare for Fringe. Now we really begin, Olivia waking up in the Bishop household is also becoming the norm, although we learn that perhaps she isn’t as frequent an overnight guest as we may hope as she has yet to learn that Tuesday is a naked morning for Walter. He kindly, and nakedly offers her breakfast in the hall and some words of advice “Olivia, you should get some slippers for when you stay over here, this house can get quite chilly.” Olivia rushes back into the arms of a sleepily adorable Peter as the sun crosses their faces.

I could get used to this. This is my favourite time of day, sunrise, when the world is full of promise

Just as Walter declares that the world is coming apart around them…. The machine has turned on by itself, operation Shit Just Got Whack is underway as Nina walks quickly down hallways and contacts Broyles via mobile video chat and product placement.

Back at Harvard we discover that the machine must have been accessed remotely by the other side, but how? The machine is built for Peter! Awesomely no one knows about Peter’s secret son, I look forward to him finding out.

Back in Alt-Verse Altlivia is taking baby Henry such a nugget! for a walk with mom when her beeper goes off. Fringe Event Liberty Island. Lincoln & Olivia look totally sexy as they rush over only to discover that Walternate does not need their assistance, this irregularity is under control.

Because both Olivia’s are totally badass, Altlivia uses her in with the Secretary to try and get more information about the weapon, she’s onto him and he doesn’t like that. Good thing he’s already got the baby blood.

Altlivia takes this situation into her own hands, she sneaks and steals tech to attempt to save everyone. Who is she willing to sacrifice? Her child she will leave behind as she tries to hop over to the other side? What if she can’t return? Her Mother, Peter. Olivia wants to save it all, but both Oliva’s often dive in without considering all the consequences because she is certain that she will always succeed (this is important next week). I wondered if motherhood might change that about Altlivia, apparently this is not the case, or perhaps it makes her case for saving both worlds with reckless abandon especially strong. Thoughts?

I love watching Altlivia in action, gun in hand and not afraid to use it. She knows the patrol clock and will not be fooled. Well, sort of. Every plan has it’s faults.

Now that Olivia is off to New York to help Nina, Peter can say what we’ve all been thinking. He needs to get into the machine, he is the one who can save them. This is what the Observers were trying to prepare Walter for in The Firefly, he needs to be able to let his son go.

Watching Walter come to terms with letting Peter into the machine is heartbreaking, this is the second absolutely brilliant performance John Noble gives us for the night. Both involving the sacrifice of his son, but coming from two slightly different characters. Broyles presses Walter for what he thinks, as a father, not just as a scientist, or a saver/destroyer of the universes. Unfortunately these things are so intertwined. Walter wants to be strong, his guilt is overwhelming as he attempts to put aside his feelings for the good of the universes.

In another beautifully touching brilliantly executed Walter scene, he turns to God. First angry, begging, pleading, praying for Peter’s safety, and the safety of the world.

The sun is rising again, a new day with new promises, Sam Weiss finds Olivia he needs to see the machine. On the other side Altlivia faces off against Walternate, in a dark cell, she can’t see the light but no Olivia Dunham has ever given up.

With Altlivia in captivity and Peter in a freaky coma it’s up to Olivia, Broyles, Astrid, Walter & Lincoln Lee from the other side to save the worlds. That’s a pretty powerful force to be reckoned with, but they’re up against a hell of a lot, I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Is Altlivia being too reckless given her new responsibility of motherhood, or is it her motherly instincts that are making her more determined than ever to save it all?

– S


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