Comedy Quickies: April 13/14

It was a busy week! On the docket: Modern Family, Happy Endings, Breaking In, Workaholics, Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Modern Family

I love Claire, I love when she’s mad and flustered and uncomfortable. Julie Bowen is flat out hilarious. Watching her drive around reminiscing about her time in college while trying to talk Hayley into going was fantastic, even better was us knowing what was on the outside of the van when all the men were honking on both sides. Best was Claire starting out furious but then backing down with satisfaction when she heard that most of the calls were for the “hot blonde”. Of course Phil wouldn’t think that through, or even actually check to make sure the van looked right after he got it covered. – S

Loved the van. My favourite moment was Phil’s phone conversation with the potential John. Who knew an MLS listing could sound so dirty?! The Cam and Mitchell plot this week bored me. It’s funny to see Cam freak out and Mitchell step in as the supportive boyfriend, but the audience has seen this same storyline played out countless times already. Characters need to evolve to stay interesting. I was glad to see Jay making an effort to take Gloria’s advice. While he will never be a sappy show-your-love kind of guy, he’s making progress towards being a better family man. I like that. – B

Happy Endings

S wrote a special edition full size review of Happy Endings for “Pilot” & “Quicksand Girlfriend” this week – READ IT HERE!

I really enjoyed this new show! Each of the characters is quirky enough, but not overly so. Further, the character introductions were quick and effective; I’m not at a loss for who is who and why they are part of the group. The previews by critics for the show were comparing it to Friends. While I understand making the connection, this show is not Friends and nor will it be. That doesn’t mean it isn’t really funny, because it is. 

Best moment for me was Jane “relaxing” on her day off, telling off the worker at Organized Living how to get their store in order. Chicksand has officially been added to my vocabulary. My only qualm with the show was how it introduced Max. While the writers were overtly making reference to him as the gay one, they were just as quick to show how not-gay gay he was. The exercise was too forced in my opinion. That said, I think there was a lot of merit in juxtaposing him and Derrick. – B

Slut, come help me out of this split!

Breaking In

Is that the chick from Charmed? Yes, yes it is. The episode was an improvement over last week’s but that hasn’t strengthened my expectations for the show’s future. The few good moments (The man reads lips… Cover your mouth bitch!) were lost in between the rest of the episode which was overall forgettable. Again, I think the premise has potential and I was rooting for the show to prove my initial trepidations wrong, but Christian Slater and friends just don’t cut it. I will continue to pay attention to the show but now that Cougar Town is returning and Happy Endings is off to a good start, Wednesday is getting busy. – B


I know I said that Workaholics wouldn’t be making a comeback to Comedy Quickies. But that was before they had: 1) a bear coat; 2) a reference to my favourite Jamba Juice smoothie; and 3) a debate about Mark Summers vs. Mike O’Malley as the best Nickelodeon game show host! The only thing missing was a shout-out to Legends of the Hidden Temple. For as haggard as Workaholics appears to be (probably why I wrote it off last week), there’s an explicitly defined sense of comedy that appeals perfectly to the demo the show is targeting. I respect that, and as I found out this week I really enjoy it. – B


When Community is on, it’s on freaking fire. When it’s not on –  it’s still hot as hell. After a couple weeks of being simply awesome, Community stepped it up in “Competitive Wine Tasting” bringing more zings, witty banter, one-liners, and set-ups in it’s cold open than most sitcoms hope to have in an episode, or a season.

I love when Troy gets real and opens up. He really is the most sane character of the bunch. The rare moments that he steps back and provides real insight into situations are often surprising and so genuine it adds a welcome breath of perspective into the weird world of Greendale.

I know I’m going long, but finally Pierce was used for a good storyline! Him being stalked and seduced by his wet wipes competitor, and having her actually be a perfect match for his mean, racist self. Aces! – S

P.S. Don’t you love when the prof teaches out of his/her own book. *barf*

No one out-TVs Abed. What was great about Abed’s matchup with his professor was how completely oblivious he was to what he was doing. Often you see those people that are so determined to outsmart their teacher in order to look good or worse make the teacher feel dumb. But for Abed, it was all about enlightening someone else to the wonders of his own analytical TV watching. His almost scientific approach to figuring out who really is the boss was comedy gold. The shout-out to Veronica Mars was brilliant. Oh how I wish that show lasted longer, but at least we get a new Kristen Bell series next season! Also, I’m hoping Pierce’s potential new girlfriend returns. – B

The Office

I really liked the episode as a whole, I liked Will Ferrell coming in as Deangelo Vickers; quirky, commanding and a little mean and eerily similar to Michael. I loved Micheal’s completely predictable and on character immense jealousy of the new captain of the Scranton Branch and the attention he was getting from the employees (and in his mind, his best friends and family).

For liking the episode as a whole there weren’t a ton of  moments that I loved… but there were a few; Michael referring to Jim & Pam as “Jap” instead of the usual and obvious “Jam”; Kelly’s Meet Cute and Kevin’s willingness to compare himself to Ashton Kutcher. I hated watching Deangelo torment Andy, it was just cruel. And while Jim & Pam’s flaunting of Cece was totally expected, it started to grate very quickly. I did enjoy watching and I’m still very excited to watch the rest of Micheal’s exit episodes, and perhaps I’ll be convinced to continue watching beyond that point. – S

I did not like Will Ferrell, so I guess by default that means I didn’t like the episode?… However, I did actually like the episode because it really put things into perspective. The future is in complete flux at Dunder Mifflin and as a show The Office is preparing for uncertain times. It’s scary to think of the show without Michael but it’s also quite exciting. I don’t agree with S that Michael and Deangelo are similar. They are both brash and unapologetic but whereas Michael is wholeheartedly supportive of his employees, Deangelo is not or at least not yet. New people are difficult to integrate into a tightly knit group, especially when the new character is potentially a major addition. I’m not completely anti-Deangelo but as any psych textbook will tell you, first impressions make a big impact. – B

Parks & Recreation

My heart was smiling the entire half hour for April & Andy. The way they were glowing at each other through the whole episode was amazing (awesome-sauce face acting!). They are such a sweet couple, he’s opened her up to trying more things and actually admitting to liking (or not hating) them and she compliments Andy so well… and puts up with him being… not so bright. The ceremony as a surprise on a whim was perfect for them, and for TV, no big lead up, engagement, and mini-drama surrounding the event.

As for Leslie and Ben, they both over think, analyze and plan. They’re completely perfect in another way. I’m glad he decided to stay, and Leslie told him that he should.

Ann being so terrible at flirting was hilarious! It also explains how a smart, hot doctor (thanks Donna) nurse like her ended up shacking up with Andy for so long.

More notes of adorable because I just can’t help myself: April telling Leslie she loves her, and April getting Ron to dance with her, and his attempt to hug her. (He hugs like Casey from Chuck) – S

Ditto. The episode was incredibly endearing. The Simon and Garfunkel song playing while April walked down the aisle was perfect, and slightly unexpected from a show not known for its musical backdrops. Also notable for me was how Oren had to excuse himself from the discussion with the always optimistic Rob Lowe. The Ron Swanson explanation of ex-wife effigy burning was also incredibly informative and hilarious. – B

30 Rock

I’m so glad to have Tracy Jordan back at TGS! After a grueling search by Liz & Kenneth, they tracked Tracy down to Liz’s own apartment. I love Tracy logic.

Also loved watching Jack and Jenna share a storyline as a “10” and an “11” attempting to create a movie turned strange infomercial/competition show. At least it turned a profit. Jack started off with the right idea, stop wasting money on crappy shows, he just got a little off track when it came to making good shows. – S

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Belle thinks she can do it all. While we know she is one hell of an escort (as long as the clients are straight), her initial attempts at being a madame leave much to be desired. I enjoy her new rival, Charlotte, and expect to see that dynamic played out further. I miss Bambi though. I’ve been a Belle & Ben supporter from the start. Despite so many things that should keep them apart, they always find themselves back in each others arms. I really hope that they end up together. And for those who care, the song at the end is called Sweet Disposition by The Temper Tramp. – B


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