Comedy Quickies April 6/7

Comedy Quickies for April 6/7 including: The Big Bang TheorySecret Diary of a Call Girl, and new shows Breaking In and Workaholics.

Breaking In

It’s not that I had overly high hopes about this show, but simply based on its premise I expected Breaking In to be a more cleverly crafted comedy. Instead of a tightly wound satire about quirky genius hackers, the show was an overly fast-paced hodgepodge of worn-out humour. Both the characters and the dialogue need more work before this show officially joins the ranks of the other Comedy Quickies shows. That said, I am willing to give the show a chance and see if it can become anything more than just a rejected Chuck script. – B


This pothead slacker comedy doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is. That’s not a bad thing though, as I did find myself laughing a lot at the baseless humour – urine testing and sexting. The writing is simple and the characters even more so, but I would still watch this show for some good entertainment value during a beer-pong tournament. However, the first episode didn’t hook me enough to justify watching week to week so Workaholics will not be returning to Comedy Quickies. – B

I didn’t bother with this one based on the previews. Is it weird that B’s bad review makes me want to see what all the fuss is about? – S

The Big Bang Theory

Even geniuses can’t resist the urge to gossip! This week’s episode saw the gang inundated with rumours and secrets. Luckily I hadn’t overheard any spoilers leading up to the episode so Howard’s proposal and Bernadette’s “I do” came as a pleasant surprise to me. Not so pleasant for Raj though. I thoroughly enjoyed the empirical testing of meme theory by Amy and Sheldon, especially the stark contrast between the control and experimental variables.

Just stopped by to let you know I’m getting orthotics. Also I’m carrying Sheldon’s baby. Mum’s the word!

– B

I avoided spoilers like the plague to not know about the big proposal until this week’s previews. I for one would really like to know what’s changed since Bernadette basically kicked Howard out of bed for being too much of a momma’s boy.

As for that sly minx Amy Farrah-Fowler convincing Sheldon Cooper to delve into the world of social science, that’s another matter all together. I enjoyed watching the rumours travel like wildfire through the group and making them all behave in different ways (especially Raj). I still feel like Bernadette’s “yes” came out of nowhere, but at least it provided a nice kick in the ass to the gossipy group.

But hey, Amy is looking like she has a nice tan from those long days tending the herb garden. – S

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

The British import has returned for its last season. At the end of the third season we saw Belle leaving on a jet plane, not knowing if she’ll be back again. While that ending could have served as a suitable series conclusion, I am glad that Belle has come back for another go in the sack. With her new-found book royalty revenues, Belle has decided to upgrade into a beautiful new home. Yet much to her chagrin she has a house guest, Stephanie’s daughter. That’ll sure put a damper on things, especially now that Belle is letting Ben back into her life. I’m expecting the season to be full of ups and downs like always. – B


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