“Cool” Chuck Sucks, But Viv Volkoff Looks So Good in Bad – S on Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff

Since Chuck began in season one and Chuck was still living with Ellie & Awesome as a third wheel in their apartment it was obvious that family would be important in this show. This has continued to develop and grow as the show has progressed exploring more aspects of what family means and different dynamics in other family groups. B did a great job of describing the familial relationships that appear in “Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff” and how they have been thrust into the foreground of this season, specifically that between parent and child. While I don’t feel like I need to expand on his analysis, I’ll certainly comment on some of the dynamics that we revisited in this overwhelming episode!

There’s a lot of ground that I want to cover beyond what B discussed in his review, so try and stay with me. Chuck & Sarah’s miscommunication (guh!), the Volkoffs are back (yay!), and Casey becoming a better Daddy to his daughter (yay!) and Chuck (huh?).

But first, B, you wished to discuss that fantastic breakfast scene that kicked off Chuck’s return in this week’s ep. It seems that Morgan and Casey have developed a very orderly working relationship in their shared home during our brief hiatus. I assume that Casey has a schedule and an order to everything that occurs under his roof and Morgan, the ever ready little soldier has fallen in line with the routine. At breakfast they have their own seats, and I’m sure minimal conversation. In turn for all the adapting Morgan has done to fit into Casey’s lifestyle without being an annoyance, Casey’s continued development into a human being has been complimented by Morgan’s more personable presence.

Half of all marriages go down
Well it’s good to see yours is going so well

Watching Chuck come to the pair for advice felt very much like he was coming in as a third wheel into their pre-determined routine of near silent comfortable breakfast time. Chuck sat across the table in a position that made Casey and Morgan feel like Daddy & Daddy rather than Chuck’s friends and co-workers. The shooting style cutting back and forth leaving the breakfast plates and the OJ in the foreground while Chuck was placed in the centre but far away across the table set the tone for a perfectly awkward scene. I loved it, it read all over Chuck’s face that while he really needed advice he was getting some seriously weirded out vibes from the pair.

Of course Casey tells Chuck to play it cool, which is basically the exact opposite of everything that Chuck is made of. Chuck is not cool; he is awesome, but not cool; he is oddly and quirkily competent, but playing it cool, not his strong suit. I’m going to be honest, it was a cute sentiment and a plot contrivance that I think would have worked earlier on in the series, but I thought this silly miscommunication stuff was kind of… annoying. When will Chuck just grow a pair and believe that Sarah really loves him, hopefully before the wedding.

After Chuck being annoyingly nonchalant about the whole pre-nup thing all episode we end up where we always do, Sarah loves Chuck for who he is, the nerdy guy who needs to talk everything to death. Let’s hope that now the gooey pre-nup is signed they will hold to their promise to love each other forever and stop doubting it.

What really kinda hurt my soul about this episode was watching Sarah struggle to open up to Chuck and him coldly (or should I say “coolly”) shutting her down because he decided to take Casey’s bad advice over his instincts. Poor Sarah, part of the reason she loves Chuck is that he compliments her personality, he doesn’t play it cool, he’s a nerd and needs to talk about everything, he pulls things out of her and lets her open up, creates avenues for discussion that she doesn’t know how to initiate. She wants to talk about her family and tell him her secrets; the prenup was the opening, the bait which he didn’t take.

I’m thrilled to have the Volkoffs back in the mix, I feel like the hiatus actually took a little out of my excitement for the show and having my favourite baddies in the Chuck-verse central to this week’s episode certainly helped me get right back into the show.

We spent many weeks discussing how we love Vivian and how her character would develop in the back end of the season. Now that we’ve seen the path she’s chosen I’m glad Viv went bad, sometimes the simplest path is the best. While she did come off a bit like a petulant teenager in her “I hate you daddy” speech, for the most part bad looks good on her. I can’t wait to see her plans for her evil empire unfold.

As soon as Casey & Morgan send Chuck off on his way to avoid being scarred for life and attempting to play it cool, it’s mail call at the Casey compound and Morgan get’s an invitation to Alex’s graduation in the mail. He tries to play it cool and hide it, then pretend that it’s no big thing. It’s been a while, but we remember that Alex’s mother believes that Casey is dead, so it might be kinda strange for him to just show up at this big life event.

Casey tries to brush it off, but over the course of the episode it eats away at him that he cannot properly be a part of his daughter’s life. I’m glad that by the end of the episode he is strong enough to insist that Alex not be put in the middle, she shouldn’t lie to her mother on his account. I really hope she sticks to her guns and the big Casey secret gets out!

Other Things:

  • They totally have Uno! Only on a show like Chuck can we throw to the wind all sense and have an evil Pirate play Uno (and cheat!) for weapons.
  • Casey needs to learn how to hug, him and Alex are super cute though, as she walks away after hugging him in the Buy more he mutters “so we’ll be in touch… great… roger that”

I know I didn’t cover anything between the female Bartowski’s. I love that Ellie is hot on an unidentified trail, and Mama Bartowski is in cahoots with Agent Redhead! How long before Ellie gets let in on the family secret? What about Chuck’s continued insecurity surrounding his relationship with Sarah – when will he finally get over it? PLUS! There are few episodes left and so much story to tell, how will the Casey reveal go down? And even bigger – what will happen with the newly total bad ass Vivian Volkoff?

Signing off until next time
– S


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