Top 5: Walterisms

Watching Fringe this season, we’re constantly reminded that resident mad scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop, is near solely responsible for all the fringe events our team has encountered to date, thanks to his meddling with the veil between the two universes. Before Walter had pieces of his brain cut out, caused the accidental death of his lab assistant, and was incarcerated in a mental institution for 17 years, he had little qualms with experimenting on human subjects, conducting illegal drug trials on children, and generally pushing science beyond all recognizable ethical boundaries simply to prove that he could.

Luckily, however, the Walter Bishop we know in the show today is a changed man, who is at least trying to recognize and make reparations for his past misdeeds. When he isn’t tripping out of his mind thanks to his unique brand of self-medication, that is. For all his many faults and dark moments, Walter is also a pretty constant source of amusement and hilarity for Fringe which–let’s face it–sometimes needs the levity. So therefore, please enjoy our top 5 “Walterism” moments. They may not cause us to forgive Walter exactly, but they may at least help us forget–momentarily–what else this old man is capable of.

1) “Mr. Papaya”

In what I like to refer to as “The Saga of the Late, Lamentable Mr. Papaya” Walter uses a innocent fruit to demonstrate to Olivia, Peter, and Astrid what may have happened to their latest victim. Fair warning: this is upsetting since he is the friendliest of fruits.

2) Walter’s Asterisms

Poor Junior Agent Farnsworth. Not only does she have a job where she is frequently called on to disgorge, dismember, and dissect the various nasty corpses the fringe team always gets their hands on, but she has to do it while all the time talking care of a crazy old man who can never seem to get her name right. To date, Walter has referred to Astrid with such creative epithets as Asterisk, Astro, Asteroid, Astringent, Asprin, and Ashram to name a few.

He’s just lucky Astrid seems to have the unending patience of a saint.

3) Dancing Walter

In one of Walter’s more awesome AND touching moments, Walter breaks out the Al Green along with some pretty choice dance moves to placate the fears of a mute boy as they get ready to try and communicate with him via Walter’s neural mapper. It really is something to see.

4) Walter’s Storytelling Skills

Let’s not forget that nearly the whole plot of the fabulous S2 episode “Brown Betty” was the result of Walter’s marijuana-induced storytelling to Olivia’s niece, Ella. In this scene, Walter’s unadvised straying into musical territory causes some stunned reactions, and a suggestion from the very wise Ella that Walter stick to his strengths.

5) Vagenda

Walter has some insights into Peter’s relationship with Altlivia. Otherwise I think Astrid’s face says it all.

And that’s all folks! What are everyone else’s favourite Walter moments? Hilarious, heartbreaking, terrifying or otherwise?


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