Top 5: Castle & Beckett’s Fake Dates

The other day S and I were trying to come up with all the fake dates that Castle and Beckett have been on, and I decided to compile a Top 5 list of them here.  I’ve put these in chronological order because ranking them would be impossible – they’re all so darn cute!  I sincerely hope that one day soon Rick and Kate will admit their obvious love for one another and go on a real date.  But until then, here are my favourite Castle and Beckett “non-date” dates…to date.  -J

#5: After leaving both of their dates at the restaurant, Castle and Beckett go out for burgers in “The Third Man” (2×14).

#4: At the end of “Poof, You’re Dead” (3×12), Beckett invites Castle to grab some comfort food with her.

#3: Castle and Beckett go undercover at a nightclub in “Lucky Stiff” (3×14).

#2: Beckett takes Castle out for a Valentine’s Day drink in “The Final Nail” (3×15).

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#1: Beckett insists on taking Castle to see “Forbidden Planet” after he pretends he’s never seen it in “Law and Murder” (3×19).

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And as a bonus, here’s the one that started it all from “Home is Where the Heart Stops” (1×07):

Are there other ones I’ve missed?  Which ones are your favourite?  Where do you think Castle and Beckett would go on a real date?

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7 thoughts on “Top 5: Castle & Beckett’s Fake Dates

  1. Heehee, this is great list! They seem to go out a lot for people who are “not dating” 😉 And how funny is it to watch all of the scenes from this season and then the one at the end from “Home is Where the Heart Stops!” Their relationship has changed so much since then- Beckett used to be totally opposed to going undercover with Castle, but now SHE is usually the one who suggests it! Little things like that make me love the writers of this show!


    • Thanks for your response, Laura, I completely agree with you! Their relationship has really grown and changed over the course of the three seasons. Even between the season 2 and season 3 dates there’s a big difference in Beckett’s willingness to go out with Castle. Hooray for writers that have their characters actually develop! -J

  2. There is certainly beautiful music waiting to happen between these two.
    “Only make believe I love you…..
    Only make believe that you love me.
    Others find peace of mind in pretending,
    Couldn’t you? Couldn’t I? Couldn’t we?
    Make believe our lips are blending
    In a phantom kiss, or two or three,.
    Might as well make believe I love you,
    For to tell the truth, I do.” (music and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern)

  3. I think they would go to an old-fashioned drive-in movie. No Ferrari, of course, but a great way for them to hang out alone and in public, private in the car, a little old fashioned courting feel, great place to “make out” (that means kissing to me, byw) a little too…

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