Trust, Cyanide & Forbidden Planet – S on Castle 3×19 “Law & Murder”

We put a lot of faith in the people we look up to, we trust them, and we trust them to be good. Castle is pretty much always about relationships and it’s a nice break that for once it isn’t the Castle/Beckett relationship that is being put to the test. J, I like how you take the theme of trust from “Murder” and discuss how broken trust tests the limits, and makes and breaks relationships  in your review.  I’m going to riff off of the theme of trust in my review, and focus on how it works in relationships that are not based on equal footing, like father and child, and a superior in the workplace.

The whole fiasco of Castle bugging Alexis’s phone with a GPS tracker was such a mess, but one that was entirely in character. Often times when Castle crosses the line with Alexis and those who he is close to it is always with good intentions, or has implications that his foresight just did not allow. Castle likes things that are new and fun and exciting, and he is impulsive taking a step before he even considers where it might land him. That’s what happened with his huge misstep with Alexis.

Castle found a new child tracking app and figured cool! Without even considering her feelings Alexis became his little guinea pig (although he did consider them enough to know she’d be angry if she found out.) When I was a teenager and my mom was always on my case about knowing where I was going, calling when I get there and all that she would always say that it wasn’t me she didn’t trust, but everyone else out there. The rub is that Alexis is basically the perfect child as Beckett doesn’t shy away from pointing out, he’s violated her trust and she has done nothing to deserve it.

Tracking your kids is really something that parents do, so it wasn’t so out of this world, it’s just that Alexis is sort of exceptional, almost too sweet. When we found out she was lying about where she was going ditching Dad for a day at The Angelica for a screening of Forbidden Planet I hoped that maybe she really was rebelling just a tad. But no, she was just being far too amazingly goody two shoes. The way she was hush hush whispering about shoplifting in the precinct was adorable, as was the way Beckett laughed the whole thing off.

I think that Castle owes Alexis a bit more of an apology than he gave her, although I sincerely believe he would have planned something big if Alexis had not got to her first. I think she’ll keep this one in the books for later when she needs to hold something over her dad’s head. I think in another case Alexis’s quick apology and forgiveness might have been less believable, however the weight of the guilt of her friend’s shoplifting was hovering so strong over her head that she felt enough guilt that she needed to get it off her chest.

Captain Montgomery’s storyline tonight as he had to confront the DA about his shady dealings with the original murder case felt opposite of the broken trust that occurred between Castle and Alexis. Capt. Montgomery had faith in his friend the D.A., knew all the good work he had done for the city and believed that he was a good man with honour. Captain had faith but knew as soon as the trust was broken on such a fundamental level it would not be easily repaired. The differences between Law and Order, Captain Montgomery only see’s the law in Black & White while the D.A. was trying to justify his actions through shades of gray.

Being disappointed and let down by the people we trust is a part of life, the extent to which the trust can be repaired depends on the relationship and the violation of trust that occurred. Castle with Alexis will be okay, they love each other and his intentions while poorly planned did not have devastating consequences. The D.A. railroading an innocent man for murder in hopes of saving his election campaign is beyond redemption in the eyes of Captain Montgomery. Many times Castle has pushed the limits of his trust with Beckett, but the reason their relationship has grown stronger is because the limits have been tested out of love, not selfish reasons.

I love how Castle shoehorned himself a date to Forbidden Planet through lies – that cad!  Lying is what he chided Alexis for doing earlier; did anyone notice a nose crinkle? He’d going to earn himself a nice hard slap in the face for that later, not that Beckett will really mind. An example of how little white lies will bring them closer, this will be what, their 5th unofficial date?

I know that neither of us really touched on the murder of the week. It was in itself pretty interesting with it’s twists and turns and the innocent man being railroaded by the system and the preppy rich kid poisoning the noble juror. I don’t think there are too many viewers who are tuning into Castle week after week for the actual murder cases but this was a good one. Themes of family and trusting those close to you did reverberate through that story as it passed in the background. One brother looking out for the other who had found himself in the middle of a crime scene and ended up dead. A cousin who was campaigning for his cousin who was headed towards life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. It was all very juicy stuff, but I’ll wait for Richard Castle’s newest edition to read all about it.

Other things I adored:

  • Captain Montgomery – I could almost feel Montgomery a bit channeling Jack McCoy (Law & Order original recipe) as he challenged DA in his office wearing a wire
  • Second genre homage in a row, last week soaps, this week the original police procedural Law & Order, next week… pizza!
  • For Richard castle press one
  • Cyanide that is fantastic, unless you’re the juror
  • Another nod to the original Law & Order, the quippy one liner related to the murder of the week Looks like he makes a killer cup of Joe *beat* too soon
  • Ryan’s sexy vest and flick of his head/shoulder shrug as him and Esposito pointed their gun at their suspect
  • Castle texting his poker buddies to call dibs on the story
  • Ryan’s sudden spouting foray into Shakespearean recitation at a crime scene was unexpected, however Esposito’s reaction was spot on, stop trying to be Castle dude. The outburst made a lot more sense once we learned that Ryan had memorized just the one verse.
  • The cover of Naked Heat is the wallpaper on Castle’s phone

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