The Greatness of Secondary Characters and How to Make/Break Trust: J on Castle 3×19 “Law and Murder”

I liked how “Law and Murder” was all about personal connections and trust: breaking it, building (or rebuilding) it, testing its limits.  The supporting characters really shone in this episode and it was great to see an exploration of relationships outside of the central Castle-Beckett one…though I do love that too!

One of my favourite scenes in this episode (and I suspect S will agree with me) was witnessing Ryan and Esposito investigate the victim’s apartment while discussing Shakespeare quotes.  Esposito, not impressed that Ryan brings up the Bard, puts him in his place by telling him he’s not Castle.  They go on to discuss the precise details of how many and which quotes would be needed to make someone a Renaissance Man, even as they discover and take down a suspect hiding in a closet.  It’s nice to see that Castle and Beckett don’t have a monopoly on workplace banter, and that the Ryan and Esposito relationship is strong enough that the writers can throw in great moments like this.  Although Ryan and Esposito have had a great brotherly camaraderie from the beginning, it’s always fun to watch Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever play off each other.  I also really like when we get to see them in the interrogation room – it reminds us that they actually do important work, even if the show usually focuses on Beckett’s side of the investigation.

Captain Montgomery is also brought to the forefront in “Law and Murder” as his friend the district attorney is discovered to be part of a conspiracy in order to get elected to public office.  Montgomery’s faith in the DA is completely shattered by the end of the episode (and with good reason).  It becomes clear just how devoted Captain Montgomery is to uncovering the truth, even if it leads him to the discovery of facts he’d rather not know.  I think in this way, we can see his influence on Beckett, or at least a similarity in their drive for justice.  Because she trained under him, it would be understandable if some of her sense of duty and truth came from the captain.

The Alexis-Castle fight is the other central storyline of the episode (murder, what murder?) and again deals with issues of trust and connection.  Castle, thinking he’s very clever and clandestine, GPS-tracks Alexis’s phone when he finds out she lied to him about where she was going in the city.  Beckett is horrified by this violation of trust and tells Castle so, but of course Alexis finds out what he’s up to and gets justifiably upset.  I love that Beckett and Alexis are aligned on this one.  Beckett’s line, “you have the best kid in the world (aww) and you treated her like a common criminal!” is great for how it praises Alexis and reprimands Castle.  As often happens on this show, the Alexis storyline mirrors that of the murder plot.  In this case, both Alexis and the victim Joe are motivated by conscience to return to the crime scene, but their guilt is on behalf of someone else.  Castle’s angry and proud reaction to Alexis’s good citizenship is touching – their pea pod bond is almost too sweet!

And I have to mention the final scene because it made me grin and chuckle ridiculously.  I know S has some things to say about this, but to continue on my theme, I think this scene was about trust and connection too.  Castle is a bit devious and conniving, pretending he’s never seen “Forbidden Planet” so that Beckett will take him to see it.  It’s probably wrong that he cunningly conceals his love of the movie, but the result is so adorable!  Beckett is too cute explaining the wonders of the Leslie Neilson flick to Castle…and I especially love that she demonstrates how they’re obviously soul mates without even realizing it.  But Castle definitely knows.

Some other favourite things:

  • Esposito, congratulating Castle on making a breakthrough in the case, slaps him on the back.  Castle says “ow” and Esposito kind of smoothes it over, rubbing his back affectionately.  Too good!
  • Loved Alexis’s coat/scarf ensemble when she visited the precinct and also really liked Beckett’s purple shirt with white trim.  And need I mention my admiration for Castle’s blue shirt and jacket?

What was your reaction to the final scene of cuteness?  Since I didn’t really touch on it, what did you think of the murder plot?  And did Alexis forgive her father too quickly?  Is she too perfect?  Were both of their apologies believable and acceptable?


2 thoughts on “The Greatness of Secondary Characters and How to Make/Break Trust: J on Castle 3×19 “Law and Murder”

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