Comedy Quickies March 23/34

Comedy Quickies for March 23/24 covering Modern Family, Community, Parks & Rec, The Office & 30 Rock!

Modern Family

When the story lines of all three families are intermingling the show seems to work the best. Finally a week where Cam & Mitchell aren’t at each others throats! I was getting so sick of them being catty all the time.

While the A-Plot with Luke befriending the grouchy next door neighbour was sweet & heartwarming and Claire and Phil being terrified of him was funny, it felt secondary to the other stories this week.

Hayley’s attempts to get out of her grounding by offering to babysit Lily was my tops. I love that she ended up doing a great job rule breaking aside. It was funny and had its heartwarming moments as her Uncles end up trusting her with their only child and almost wordlessly forgive her for having Dylan there, it’s what teenagers do. He left his shoes there, how does he forget his shoes. Dylan is lucky that he’s a lovable dope. Seriously, what is with the men in this show and their inability to wear shoes. In “Manny Get Your Gun” (2×08) both Phil and Luke struggle with footwear before leaving for Manny’s birthday dinner.

Jay’s bonding with Cam & Mitchell’s friends comes in a close second. When Jay loosens up he can be a hoot, and there was no way in hell Gloria was going to get him out of his man-date.


New Abed completely threw me immediately I hated that I couldn’t figure out what was up. I continue to enjoy Jeff’s slow and begrudgingly development into a lovely and decent human being.
I love Cougar Town and am eagerly anticipating it’s April return. I also thoroughly enjoyed the many digs at it’s expense.
If you want me to take it seriously you have to stop saying its name

The Office

Absolutely perfect proposal, even more, the perfect announcement (to the office) that Michael is leaving. It’s a huge development for Michael that he’s so unthinkingly putting Holly’s needs before his own. I’m glad that the proposal and his decision to leave was so closely and quickly intertwined tearing off a band-aid. For once in a while I’m excited to see how the rest of this story will pan out. As for life in the office without Carrell…I almost want to echo Michael’s sentiment, “I should have burned the place down when I had the chance”. Although I’m certain I will continue to give it a chance next season.

Parks and Recreation

I find it difficult to discuss Parks and Recreation without simply gushing over how much I completely love it every single week. I’m attempting to show restraint by only commenting on a few of my favourite things from this week:

  • Tom’s “camping”(Dj Roomba!) and Ben will just sleep on the floor, “It’s called the ground when its outside”, Thanks Ron
  • Poor Leslie’s breakdown, she works so hard to make her department shine, following the huge success of the Harvest Festival she was not content to be proud for more than a few moments before worrying about how she was going to top herself. Of course everyone just assumed that she really had an idea all along. Thanks to the stoic Ron who was able to remain calm and force Leslie to relax. Those extra couple hours of sleep got that idea machine working again
  • Andy lost, with the balloons and promising make outs in the tent to make April more comfortable camping. He is such a great camper, I guess living in a tent in the hole behind Ann’s house for a year will do that for a fella.
  • Oh Ann, to be fair Chris really seemed to be leading her on. Will Pawnee be big enough for the two of them? I hope so!
  • I wont even go into the B&B…so many cats

30 Rock

I really enjoyed this week’s episode, much more than last week’s. After Queen of Jordan it’s no surprise that TGS would be put on forced hiatus without Tracy Jordan. It’s also no surprise that Liz was far too busy watching The Amazing Race and commenting on it on the internet. I loved Jack’s struggle to save the network and his reluctance to bring Devon (I love Will Arnett) back into the mix to save TWINKS, the only sort of successful channel left. Now that Liz has discovered that Tracy really is in Manhattan thanks to his eating NYC pizza during his internet chats with Kenneth hopefully things will be back to “normal” when 30 Rock returns in a few week.


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