Like Mother Like Son – S on Castle 3×18 “One Life to Lose”

J, I loved your scholarly approach as you analyze the incredibly meta “One Life to Lose”. Castle manages to create an incredibly layered and “meta” world in each episode as it expands outside of the hour per week it’s on TV. In addition to the many features you mention in your review including the published “Naked Heat”, Richard Castle has his own twitter feed (Follow him @WriteRCastle). Nathan Fillion managed to subtly sneak in a reference the youtube sensation the double rainbow into “He’s Dead, She’s Dead”(3×02), but not before warning his 700,000+ twitter followers to look out for the reference in that night’s episode. Honestly I’m still waiting for a reference to “Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place” or did it already slide right past me?  (Yes I totally watched that show when it was on the air)

I love how Castle continues to dance along the fourth wall giving its ever loyal audience little Easter eggs for paying attention! Does it count as breaking the wall if you never directly address the audience? I’ll have to brush up on my Brecht.

But onto “One Life to Lose”. J you really covered a lot of what I loved in this episode, the endless conversations conducted with just looks and eye rolls, Esplainie and the jaunt down to Temptation Lane where the soap is soapy and the actors are trashy and someone is an axe wielding murderer.

Like Mother Like Son

Martha is amazing. There have been a ton of familial scenes in Castle that lead us to understand the love between Martha, Castle and Alexis and tonight the family resemblance between Martha and her son was showcased.

The moment Castle picks up the phone, and obviously dials up his tone of voice to “sexy” because it’s Beckett on the line) and she hears there has been a murder on the set of a soap she appeared on years ago the restless Martha is on the case. Can she tag along?

It’s a Crime Scene Mother, we’re trained professionals
Richard Castle you are neither trained, nor a professional

Ha! Check and mate – Castle sheepishly responds that he’ll text her updates. Proving to be more of a model for her son than before, no one puts Martha Rogers in the corner and she finds her own way to the sound stage.

When Martha appears on the set of Temptation Lane and runs into Castle and Beckett you can see the looks of recognition in Beckett’s eyes as she pieces together Castle’s pushy behaviour as modeled on Martha’s. Her look specifically after Martha claims that she’ll be making herself useful to the case by becoming the eyes on the inside is delicious! She adjusts her breasts and her hair as she makes a beeline for the show’s salt and pepper male lead.

As for the story of the week, I liked the twists and turns it took as the impostor mother, separated husband, angry stars and enraged super fan all had motive. I never really bought any of them as the real killer. It made sense that it was the assistant, under appreciated, overworked and motivated to do anything to break through. I imagine her judgment was clouded by the strange soapy world she had been spending far too many waking hours surrounded by. As an added bonus we got to see Castle flex his writing muscles and craft the perfect scene to smoke out the killer.

Some other Notes & Quotes:

  • Did anyone else notice how especially beautiful Stana Katic looked in this episode? I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s because Beckett’s character is beginning to be written as looser, her smiles seemed to really shine and her face read as much more laid back.
  • I’m not much for soaps so the notable day-time guest stars slide right past me. I do however have similar memories as Kate Beckett of watching “As the World Turns” on the couch with my mom when I was home sick as a kid. Plus I love seeing the silly side of Kate come out, the part that reads trashy novels like Naked Heat in the bathroom.

What do you mean she’s dead?
She’s dead really only has the one meaning

Maybe we should sleep on it
*sassy look on Beckett’s face*
Separately, Katherine Beckett I never

I loved this so much I have to include video:


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