Casey Gets the Job Done – S on Chuck vs The A-Team

Here at The Party we’ve spent the past few weeks wondering what’s going on with Casey. Since his big fall at the hands of pretend-evil Sarah in Chuck vs. The Gobbler he had been relegated to B-plots being the advice guy, dad and *gasp* Morgan’s buddy…well as much as anyone can expect Casey to be. When Director Bentley showed up and took Casey down the secret hallway we expected a much bigger story to come for him a bit sooner. Well Casey, welcome back!

As B loves to point out I’m completely obsessed with Casey so clearly this was an episode for me. But this wasn’t just about Casey, it was getting the whole gang back together and not just Sarah, Chuck & Casey but bringing Ellie and by extension Devin back into the mix.

That poor bastard Bartowski

This week Chuck proves that he is unique, not just because he has the intersect in his head. But because Chuck is amazingly able to harness the huge power and knowledge of the intersect and navigate through it applying the knowledge and ability it provides to solve real problems creatively. Before we saw two highly trained agents struggle with the intersect we didn’t realize how special you have to be to use it effectively.

– All we need to do is get through 4″ of steel
– or we chop off Casey’s hand
– Let’s keep that as our back up plan, shall we?

But like I said, for me this was a Casey episode. Like I’ve said many times before I’ve been thrilled with the focus on his character development in the first half of this season. I like my Casey to be tough, gruff and have disturbing love of firearms and President Reagan and I love that he has maintained those characteristics while letting his more insightful and (slightly) emotional side not lessen, but bolster his strengths.

Good luck Chuck. It’s your favourite, apple juice.

Casey is a fighter, he knew he was the third wheel to Sarah & Chuck, and was left out of the action being left behind the bar. He knew he was capable of more so he took on a new project under Director Bentley. He had no moral qualms hiding this from his team or threatening Morgan’s life if he told them anything. I love how this episode didn’t need to get gushy about the team reuniting. Casey would not have brought Chuck & Sarah because of sentimental purposes; he did so because he knows they are great at their job. He cares about them but would never risk a mission just to make them feel good about themselves.

After a few days to absorb ‘A-Team’ I realize that the way the story was set up so that we felt as though we were rooting for the underdogs (Chuck, Sarah and eventually Casey) to prevail over Director Bentley and the Gretas. Both Sarah and Casey have been professional, successful spies for many years previous to project Bartowski and have continued to thrive after adding fully intersected Chuck to the mix. I found myself feeling bad for Sarah & Chuck who had really only been second string for a couple weeks. Did you get the same feeling of rooting for the underdog wanting Team Sarah, Chuck & Casey to be reinstated? I did feel a little strange rooting for the underdog who has always really been on top, either way I’m happy to see the team back intact and in action!

The problem is, I only have one test subject. So in order to control my experiment we’re going to have to have a second baby, Joking.

I loved the Ellie/Awesome action tonight, I can’t wait to have Ellie playing a more central role in the A-Plot (see what I did there). The scene where Director Bentley delivered Ellie’s computer under the guise of a Buy More customer felt ominous and exciting! She deserves to be more than stay at home mom and Mrs. Awesome. She is Eleanor Bartowski! But I’ll leave this for to B to discuss in his review!

Other Fun Stuff I Enjoyed:

  • Apple Juice disarms a nuclear bomb
  • Chuck & Sarah playing operation, and Chuck being terrible at it
  • Casey training Morgan to withstand torture, he only wet himself a little that time.
  • So the Gretas were meant to be implanted with intersects? At least we figured that out. And it was a good way to bring back Isaiah Mustafa and Stacey Keibler!

‘Chuck vs. The A-Team’ was very much an episode that was in some ways a reset but also a set up. I’m sure the final few episodes of the season will have something to do with Ellie figuring things out with her father’s computer, and of course the upcoming nuptials, do you think Vivian Volkoff will fit into the mix? Or will we get a new Big Bad altogether [a set up for season 5?] Let me know what you think in the comments!


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