Top 5: Buy More Moments on Chuck

Chuck is taking a week off from new episodes so to fill the void I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane to a time when the Buy More was an amazing and fun place to be, when Buy Moria and it’s employee’s were relevant to story lines and were … funny.

This was a more difficult list to pare down to 5 than I had first anticipated. Do you agree with my choices? Which Buy More moments would you include?

#5. The Buy More vs. Buster Bluth

Chuck has had many fantastic guest stars over the years. Bringing in Tony Hale (best known for his role as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development) as the efficiency expert for a season long arc at the Buy More was pure genius. Watching him interact with incompetent staff and attempting to create some semblance of order was a great B arc for season 2.

Emmett was a hilarious addition to the Buy More team, although it was his exit in the season 3 premiere Chuck vs. The Pink Slip that made him especially notable.  (Click here to view the scene) He was shot in the head without a moment’s hesitation by a baddie assassin in the Buy More parking lot. The Buy More staff are often in peril but are rarely aware of the situation or are seriously involved. Emmett’s murder was a shocking blurring of the lines for Chuck.

Honorable mention on #5 goes to another nerdy guest star Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan as Tyler Martin, a strung out, burnt out rock star eerily similar to his character on LOST.

#4: The Buy More vs. The Back Room Brawls

The Buy Morians live by their own rules. Tensions between employees often come to a boiling point resulting in crazy in-store antics.

In Chuck vs. The Third Dimension (2×12) rock star Tyler Martin is scheduled to appear at the Buy More (allowing Emmett to yell the signature line from Arrested Development “No Touching!”) When it’s revealed that a golden ticket (backstage pass for the concert) will be hidden in a CD inside the Buy More it takes about two seconds for the employees to be tearing cellophane off CDs left, right and centre with Morgan emerging the victor.

The Buy Morians engage in a series of backroom competitions to be Morgan’s plus one for the concert. Among tasks to be completed, The Molly Ringwald Underpants Challenge, the second challenge ends with Jeff as the winner when he eats the urinal cake they were only supposed to touch – and that’s how contests are won in Buymoria.

In Chuck vs. The Break Up (2×03)  Morgan ends up in a cage match against the jocks from the sporting good store in the mall. Luckily Anna steps in to save the day armed only with a tripod. Click here to see Anna kicking jock ass. (See #3 on this list.)

#3: Anna Wu vs. The Buy More

Anna Wu, she was such a fantastic computer geek gal who could and would kick butt in a short skirt, with Marshall arts skills and a command of weapons that even impressed Casey causing him to call a clearance check on her.

#2: Buy More Burbank vs.  Beverly Hills

In Chuck vs. The Preditor (2×17) Finding themselves in stiff competition with the fancy Beverly Hills Buy More the Buy Morians get real and launch a full scale attack against their rivals. Even uptight Emmett joins their ranks and gets in on the action. When the Buy More employees aren’t hating their jobs and fighting each other they band together as a team to defend a common goal, even if that goal is to destroy things. The Buy Morians can be fiercely loyal… some of the time.

Click here to watch the Buy Morians destroy Buy More Beverly Hills.

#1: Jeffster (Season 1,2&3) vs. The World

In season 1 & 2 as Jeffster was emerging they were totally surprising and completely awesome. In season 3 they continued to impress and debut their video, Blaze of Glory.  Now I mostly prefer them to exist off screen (Chuck vs. The Push Mix, ick!)

Jeffster made a splash with their first performance in Chuck vs. The Best Friend (2×14). Auditioning to be the band for Ellie & Awesome’s wedding Jeffster puts on a performance that the Buy More will never forget. Click here to view Jeffster’s audition.

In the season two finale Morgan employs Jeffster as a delay tactic at Awesome & Ellie’s wedding. Despite their failed audition the duo gets their wish and blows the roof off the wedding, literally with their cover (and elaborate stage show) of Mr. Roboto.

There were so many Buy More moments to choose from and I couldn’t include them all. Let me know what you think in the comments! I’m going to continue enjoying some early seasons of Chuck before new episodes return with Chuck vs. The A-Team on Monday!


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