Top 5: A Castle vs. Beckett Nerd-Off

In lieu of a new episode of Castle this week, I have compiled a top-five list of some favourite nerdy moments from Castle and Beckett. Enjoy! – J


#5: Beckett is a songstress
While guitar playing is not necessarily nerdy in itself, Beckett’s earnestly-attempted acoustic version of Get on the Floor makes for one of the more hilarious moments in “Lucky Stiff” (3×14).

#4: Beckett is a comic book fan
In “A Chill Runs Through Her Veins” (1×05) Beckett compares Castle’s apartment to the batcave, and in “Vampire Weekend” (2×06) she reveals that she’s a fan of Frank Miller.

#3: Beckett is a magic fan
In “Poof, You’re Dead” (3×12), Castle relives his childhood memories of Drake’s magic shop…and so does Beckett.

She gets excited about the tools of the trade in Drake’s workshop, shows off her prowess by picking Castle’s pocket and pulling flowers out of her sleeve, and of course gets to deliver the best line twice in one episode: “Alakazam, jackass!”

#2: Beckett is a baseball fan
“The Suicide Squeeze” (2×15) – Beckett’s flustered reaction to meeting Joe Torre is
priceless. “That was Joe frikkin’ Torre! (gasps) I gotta call my dad.”

#1: Beckett is a Castle fan!
There are lots of moments where Castle teases Beckett about being a fan of his books, but
Beckett’s clandestine bathroom-stall reading of the Nikki Heat sex scene in “Fool Me Once” (2×04) has to take the cake.


#5: Castle is a miscellaneous gadgets fan
Whether dressing up in steam punk garb in Punked (3×04)

or ogling Jordan Shaw’s data matrix and fancy equipment in “Tick Tick Tick” (2×17) and “Boom!”(2×18) Castle certainly loves his gadgets.

#4: Castle is a Star Wars fan
In “Boom!” (2×18) when Castle thinks the plan to rescue Jordan is a bad idea, he says, “I feel like Princess Leia when the Millennium Falcon escaped the Death Star. It’s too easy.” He also refers to Jedi mind tricks on a number of occasions.

#3: Castle is an Indy fan
We see Castle showing his love for Indiana Jones all over the place: he dons a fedora and peeks inside a Mayan tomb at the museum in “Wrapped Up in Death” (2×19); fashions a torch out of a plunger and toilet paper to prepare for an exploration of underground tunnels in “Last Call” (3×10) – to which Beckett responds, “Not so fast, Indy” v=jF5la97ymfA;
and he speculates as to what Amir’s locker will contain in “Countdown” (3×17) with the words “Ark of ze Covenant, Dr. Jones?”

#2: Castle plays laser tag
“A Chill Goes Through Her Veins” (1×05). Brilliant!

#1: Castle is a Firefly fan!
There have been many great references to Firefly on Castle so far, but I think this one
from “Vampire Weekend” (2×06) is my favourite. Castle emerges from his room wearing a full- on Captain Mal costume only to meet with a skeptical Alexis:

[I had to jump in and add that not only does Castle dress up as a Space Cowboy in this clip, he also references Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Underworld – S
Upon discovering the murder victim has a stake plunged through his heart: “Looks like Buffy’s visited the Big Apple”, and wondering who would do something like this: “Lycans, they’ve been at war with the vampires ever since lucians murdered them 15 centuries…“]

In conclusion and with apologies to Beckett, I think Castle wins in a nerd showdown, no
question. Do you agree? What are some other favourite geek moments to add to the list?
Still jonesing for more Castle? Go through our Castle archives & read our reviews here!


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