Vivian Volkoff is a breath of Fresh Air – S on Chuck vs. The Bank of First Evil

B wrote about Sarah saying yes to her dress. Read his recap of Chuck vs. The Bank of First Evil here.

I loved “Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil” hands down; I want to watch it over and over again.

I liked the introduction of Vivian Volkoff last week and was intrigued by how she would fit into the story, but I didn’t realize how fantastic her character would prove to be. She is a breath of fresh air for the series that has progressed so far from the start. Vivian brings us full circle to season one, as a reflection of where Chuck started. There is so much potential for Vivian as a character to develop as an ally or the big bad, and to be a mirror to the characters we’ve been with for three years. I really hope she sticks around.

While Casey has been relegated to the sidelines, Chuck and Sarah have a new asset. Vivian is similar to Chuck in that she has a vast skill set (her training as a child, Chuck’s intersect) but isn’t quite sure how to use it. It’s back down to a team of three going out on missions to save the world.

Chuck is the one who can relate to Vivian, similar to what Sarah was asked to do for Chuck when he was first starting out. As we have learned, the trust between agent and asset is a very delicate thing and can be dangerous if broken. B – I completely agree with you, she doesn’t see the Chuck that we do, who only recently developed into the spy he is today. She see’s Charles Carmichael, the man with the mission. Chuck had more invested in Vivian seeing her father than she could have imagined; he was heartbroken for her when he was told that the meeting had been nixed by the decision makers. He really will fight for her. It’s too bad she doesn’t trust him enough to believe it, yet there’s still time for things to change.

I think that Vivian has more of a knack for this thing than she might be letting on, or maybe it’s just in her blood, but she seems to be able to turn on the evil act pretty easily. That being said I don’t think her fate is sealed as an evil overlord just because she’s turned to the dark side to seek out her father. (HA!).

As for Sarah’s transformation into Bridezilla – I loved her finding the perfect dress. Initially I wished that I had seen her dress shopping with Ellie, and then I realized that Sarah is very private in the way she deals with her emotions. It was perfect to see her work through her feelings about her upcoming nuptials on her own with the help of the C.I.A. Closet from Clueless, privately. Then, once she had her moment, she was ready to embrace her feelings – she felt like a princess and looked like one too. And in Casey’s most important line of the night, he reaffirmed how beautiful she looks in the dress… and let’s her know she better get a new one. The one she was wearing had been on a mission – evidenced by the bullet holes in the back. Another moment we would not have gotten had this scene been with Ellie in a traditional dress shop.

I doubt this Bridezilla mental break will last too long. Sarah goes at everything with 110% but I’m fairly certain that she’ll find a middle ground soon.

More Very Important Things:

The opening sequence – I couldn’t stop laughing at the lawyer reading in Alexei Volkoff’s voice, and how put off he was that Vivian just wanted to hear the damn letter without the bells and whistles.

But I’ve spent weeks perfecting it.

Also from the opening – the fantastic stabbing in the hand followed by the hilarious overwrought, slow motion “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

I’m choosing to ignore like 95% of the time Jeffster was onscreen.

Speaking of the CIA costume closet – Love that Chuck put on a mustache for his role as the evil bodyguard of evil Vivian Volkoff because we all know that mustache = evil

I certainly hope that the Casey story is going somewhere, perhaps culminating with a Chuck/Sarah/Vivian storyline down the road…soon. What he’s working on is anyone’s guess but with his new roommate I certainly think that Morgan will find a way to become involved!

The jury is still out on Ms. Volkoff here at the Party, but good or evil I think she is a fantastic character. Do you think she’ll continue her path towards evil world domination? Or join forces with Team Bartowski again? Do you think this will mean we’ll get more of Alexei down the road? After seeing him embrace Chuck as his son, I would LOVE to see him with his daughter. Another question we still need answered… who’s her mommy? What are your theories on the whole Volkoff family storyline? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time I’ll take the Casa Blanca Lilies and and the Parisian Cake!

–          S


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