Sarah Says Yes to the Dress! B on “Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil”

She may not want to run an evil corporation, but Vivian McArthur Volkoff sure knows how to be bad. But is she? The best thing about this mystery is that even she doesn’t know. Often the enemies that Chuck confronts on the show are one-dimensional baddies. Vivian is different. At this point, she is not even a villain. She is a lost soul trying to figure her way through the world.

It’s touching how similar she and Chuck are. Ironically, it is this commonality that is driving a wedge between them. We all know that Chuck is the nothing but honest guy with the dorky smile, yet to Vivian he’s the spy with a mission. I really like Vivian. There is so much that can be done with her character. S, how do you think Vivian’s character will evolve?

Since when is Castle equipped with the closet from Clueless? I was waiting for Alicia Silverstone to popup on screen, but I digress. Picking a spy outfit always seems like a breeze for Sarah, so it was amusing to watch her struggle all alone in the depths of a C.I.A. base choosing a wedding dress. This was hardly a scene from Say Yes to the Dress. My favourite moment was when she gave the first dress the same look that she gives to bad guys when she’s about to knife them. After much kafuffle however, we finally got to that moment we had all been waiting for.

Oh my God. It’s perfect… We’re getting married.

Spies have jobs to do though, like robbing banks. In true Chuck and Sarah fashion, the couple can’t resist discussing their wedding plans while blazing guns and taking hostages. As Sarah describes trying on the dress to Chuck:

It felt like magic… Get down on the ground before I blow your freaking head off.

The naissance of Vivian as an evil mastermind wasn’t the only character transformation we saw this episode.  Once Sarah was able to choose the dress and get over her initial apprehension about planning the wedding, she hit the ground running. When Sarah takes on a mission, she doesn’t do it half-assed. Wedding planning is no different, and as Ellie soon realizes:

I think I created monster.

I’m expecting Chuck’s perfect proposal plan to pale in comparison to the wedding extravaganza that Bridezilla Sarah is going to come up with.

I know S will want to discuss the lack of Case Digital i.e. Casey in this episode. Last week the writers bluntly acknowledged that they had unfairly been giving him the third wheel treatment. I was expecting that this week’s episode would have given us more of a lead in to the new mission that Casey has been charged with.

What did you think of the episode? How long do you think Casey is going to let Morgan bunk in his place for? How awkward would it be to live with your girlfriend’s dad? Are one hundred dozen Casa Blanca lilies too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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