Comedy Quickies for Feb 23/24

Comedy Quickies for February 23/24 covering Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Rec, The Office & 30 Rock!

Modern Family

Love the Gloria barbershop. You insult a woman’s driving, and you use the air bunnies? You do that to me and I kill you.

Lose the C-story just to give characters airtime. I wasn’t a fan of the Cam and Mitch subplot this week. – B

Really like how the story about Phil & Claire’s fight was structured in mini-flashbacks while Phil recounted the story to Gloria as she screamed at him with her boobs in his face and scissors in hand.

Such a great conclusion to the Phil & Claire story, they are such a perfect couple. – S

The Big Bang Theory

Love the fact that I explained the linguistic history of a celebratory toast to someone the night after I saw this episode. True story.

Lose the good girl acts. I know university girls are crazy, but I’m pretty sure Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette Rostenkowski are the freakiest girls on campus. And I mean that in a good way. – B

They were having fun wrong – Sheldon on why he left his guests to go to Priya’s with the gang. – S


Love the notches. So often, the show’s success is in its simplicity.

Lose the reason the study group was formed in the first place – to study. The show has brilliantly found its place in the realm of absurdity, to go back to reality seems so boring. (To be fair the original reason for the study group was so Jeff could bang Britta.) – B

I dig the introduction of a nontraditional love interest for Abed. He is impossibly close with Troy, but it was great to see him connect with a person who sees things closer to the way he does.

Jeff Winger singing Faith in his audition tape – priceless.  – S

The Office

Love the new mob boss, Pam.

Lose the jackass. – B

I loved seeing the old Jim back pulling pranks on people, even making the unholy alliance with Dwight. I do wish Pam was in on the prank too, but I dug her corruption storyline enough to make it work.

That computer was so old it’s IP number was 1 – Pam trying to be funny and ending up sounding incredibly dorky just absolutely warms my heart – S

Parks and Recreation

Love the bonding between Ben and the gang. Chris may be leaving Pawnee, but I doubt Ben is anytime soon.

Lose the ascot Tom. – B

Anne and Leslie in the car was one of those great moments between the pair that have become rarer as the cast is expanding. Leslie listing all the ways she had been broken up with took me back to when Anne took her on a practice date. Hilarious. – S

30 Rock

Love the CEO race of the century. Jack Donaghy versus a 14 year old girl. Epic.

Lose the homicidal ex-husband twist. The abrupt seriousness of the episode came out of nowhere and made for an overly awkward conclusion.  – B

Lutz pretending to be British to get women Sir Ian McKellan? that guy must be knee-deep in boob

I think Chloe Moretz is fantastic and as amazing as Kaylie the badass scheming 14 year old

I miss Tracey. – S


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