Love will Tear us Apart…or can Walter bring us Together? – S on Fringe 3×14 “6B”

H did a great job covering 6B in her recap here so much so that I don’t have a whole lot to add. I absolutely agree that feelings are so much at the heart of this show. They fuel the complex relationships, and fearlessness with which Olivia approaches her job that make this show great. H, you are so spot on when you describe Peter and Olivia’s relationship as about being there for each other, and agree that Peter & Altlivia have far more chemistry and that it would be far more confusing if not for the amazing actors that fill these roles.

I loved the way Fringe incorporated the theme of Valentine’s Day in the perfect Fringetastic way – of course it’s love that will tear the universe apart. [Which also resulted in this song being stuck in my head all week]. I did really like this week’s episode, it was wacky, weird and emotionally poignent, and as the TV announcer said in the previews “Peter and Olivia made progress”.

I also felt like this episode was a bit of a lull in the action. The episodes leading up were faster paced, more action packed and felt to me like it was all leading up to something big. At first watch I was let down that Fringe took a week off to be gooey (goo that I love) but then I realized all the little steps forward this episode took exploring Walter’s guilt and responsibility to save the worlds, Peter and Olivia’s relationship and how this world is becoming more and more fragile.

6B took a step back and examined all these things just in a different way. Although I did  want to hear more about weaponized shape-shifter murdering Peter and I kind of missed Over-There a little, although we did get a little taste at the end.

I find that each week Fringe continues to find new and interesting ways to bring contrasts between the two worlds that we’re bouncing between week to week. The more we explore “over there” the more familiar it feels and the more the characters resonate with us. It makes it more and more difficult for us to determine which side to root for because the line that was initially established delineating good and evil has all but vanished. Now it’s just two very different worlds  just fighting to continue existing.

H, I’m glad that you discuss how Walter behaved in the face of our world beginning to come apart at the seems just like it’s already happening “over there”. He carries so much weight of the guilt in his face. He wants to be better than his Walternate, not resorting to the same amber solution as his over there counterpart but he doesn’t know how…yet.He and Nina better figure something out and quick.

I love that this is brought up a week after Walternate refused to test the cortexiphan on children because that was crossing a line, a line that our Walter had no qualms with in the past and is only now understanding the consequences of his actions.


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