A Very Weird Valentine’s – S on Chuck vs. The Masquarade

More like Chuck vs. The Third Wheel… ha! But really, when Chuck takes on a theme they choose it and hit the ground running.

I absolutely loved the intro, and it was my favourite part of the episode. With two adult couples sharing a space on Valentine’s Day that’s just asking for hijinx to ensue. When the father of one of them women involved is a neighbour, and 1/3 of the awesome spy team that is the other couple he is almost certainly going to interrupt. While this premise could be conventional and boring on any old sitcom, this is Chuck and this is no ordinary Valentine’s Day. I love the moment so much that I mostly want to recap it to capture the awesome.

Morgan & Alex “get” the living room for the first 90 minutes in which Morgan has laid out plenty of candles and a bear skin rug, cheesy right? Meanwhile upstairs Sarah & Chuck are in the bedroom where Chuck has taken it upon himself to craft the incredibly romantic adorable hilarious t-shirt with his own face ironed on beneath the emblazoned words “Sex Machine”.  When trench coat clad Sarah insists on retrieving the chocolate covered strawberries from the fridge downstairs we are left to wonder how they would ever emerge from a mission alive without Casey as they clumsily fumble the bowl interrupting Morgan & Alex who are sitting blindfolded on the bearskin rug playing patty cakes and doing breath exercises reminiscent of a Lamaze class. We knew there had to be something up with that girl for her to be dating Morgan.

But really, it all get’s weirder when Sarah’s trench coat hits a snag and her angel wings pop up when the phones start buzzing with a mission from General Beckman. Cue Casey arming up and swinging through the [what’s with the] unlocked front door walking in on the semi-dressed Sarah, but more awkwardly, Morgan and his daughter still blindfolded but now having moved on to painting each other’s faces with chocolate.

And none of them manage to get changed before heading to Castle and standing in front of a video call with General Beckman. I have to say that despite the ridiculous t-shirt, Chuck got out of this one on top.

As a result of the living room run in, Casey suggests to Morgan that he is the third wheel in the house. This was further cemented when Sarah decides to “hang” with Morgan and “play” with his Star Wars toys collectables. She could not have looked more awkward in that moment. Anyway, they are collectables and not to be played with, but nice try Sarah Walker.

When Casey suggested that Morgan grow up and move out it seemed to get the wheels turning in his head that he is really the third wheel in the spy team next to Sarah & Chuck. That compounded by Morgan’s remarks back to Casey behind the bar that he’s a damn good bartender, and the still mysterious Robin Givens who flat out tells him that there’s no room for him left with team Bartowski and it’s time to move on… but that’s a whole other storyline that we haven’t even started with yet so I’ll let that lie.

The Awesome Family storyline was adorable, it was fun watching Ellie & Awesome take on a mission of their own in their hilariously vomit stained sweatpants. Watching them sing like crazy zombies to the Jeffster teddy bear was hilarious. This also may have been the only plot point that was resolved in this hour. Clara gets her own room. Awww.

The mission of the week seemed like it was mostly setup, and the odd masquerade party hardly seemed to play enough of a role to garner title status, although it was a fine way to introduce Vivian Volkoff who seems like she will play a significant role in the last half of this season.

This episode left a lot of unresolved plot points dangling.

Vivian Volkoff is she going to be evil like her father? Or will she use her newfound empowerment for good, or maybe even something ambivalent. Ryan McGee over at TV Squad seems convinced that Vivian will be the big bad for the next part of the season, I’ve got a few other ideas of how the dice might roll, and I like her character – I look forward to seeing where this goes.

As for Casey, will his story lead us to the next big bad? I’m kind of hoping so; I’d like him to take on a more prominent role in the story now that he’s recovered from his fall. Casey deserves his own story line he has been more relegated to the sidelines of missions, especially now that Chuck has become a far more competent and full-fledged agent. It makes sense for him to experiment with branching out, although with Alex now in his life and her mother almost in reach it does complicate things. He could use a little more than being the advice guy and the bar tender. B – any ideas where this one might go?

Will Morgan make it on his own? Just kidding, that’s the least of our worries. H thought that he might end up rooming with Casey, I’m betting on Alex instead. What do you think?

A few more thoughts on the episode:

You can’t separate Han and Chewbacca that would be insane! As H notes, we’re pretty sure Chewbacca didn’t live with Han & Leia once they were married.

Jeffster & the Buy More were included the way I like it, short and sweet. I loved that even sweatpants clad, covered in baby vomit Ellie was confident enough in her sexuality (or grossness of Jeffster) to be so sure that they would follow her in a heartbeat when she mentioned that she would be breastfeeding. Nagging question – did she feed baby Clara in front of the pair? I think she just may have been desperate enough.

The Charah remark seems like it was written for Morgan, it felt weird and sandwiched in for Casey. Where would he come up with something like that? Reading too many gossip rags while in the hospital?

Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about this week-late Valentine’s extravaganza.



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