Comedy Quickies for Feb 16/17

This week Comedy quickies are brought to you by B, S & H! Hooray!

Modern Family

Love the Xanex washed down with a shot of tequila.

Lose the glitter, it’ll settle in Lily’s lungs. Princess got schooled by Fizbo! Never break character, never, ever. – B

Julie Bowen is at her most hilarious as Claire when she is frozen with embarrassment like she was tonight. So fantastic. I also love that it really was all about Gloria. – S

Fizbo the Court Jester was equal parts terrifying and hilarious, but I loved that just as Cam accepted that he could let someone else take over the enertainment at his daughter’s birthday, Mitchell also accepted that no one could 1up a party’s awesome quite like Fizbo. – H

The Big Bang Theory

Love the smile on Penny’s face at the very end. Penny: Oh sweety, it’s okay I don’t want tea. Sheldon: I’m sorry; it’s not optional.

Lose the momma’s boy. The running joke that is Wolowitz’s unseen mother is getting stale. – B

Finally Amy-Farrah Fowler is coming in handy – watching her understand the conventions of friendship to comfort Penny (with electrodes in tow to monitor Penny’s brain activity) was spot on. As was Sheldon’s understanding of how to step in to help Howard in his time of need. I

I’m a big Penny/Leonard shipper, but watching Priya and Leonard together might sway me otherwise.

One more thing – Sheldon & Raj’s application of Hinduism to Leonard and Priya’s relationship and the many misuses of Forbid. – S


Love the addition of LeVar Burton to the study group. Of all of the breakdowns we saw, Troy’s had to be the best. Set phazsrs to love me!

Lose the hatefest on Pierce. As much as he is a terrible character, he’s the perfect foil for the study group. – B

I’m on board with the Pierce hate fest. Not only is he a terrible character he drags down the whole show when he is given too much screen time. I’m good with missing him for episodes at a time.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Firefly love. That Troy and Abed promise that when they die to stage it as a suicide over the premature cancellation of the amazing yet short lived series is so perfect for their characters…and Nathan Fillion approved.

I also really noticed that Jeff’s situation was the one that “got real”. Often this show feels so surreal that it’s occasionally grounded moments are especially poignant. – S

I loved Jeff’s pitch-perfect breakdown (complete with intercut clips) as he tried to come to grips with possibly seeing his father, even as he realized that Pierce was still likely messing with him. And I loved that in the end, Pierce messing with everyone did really help them realize things about themselves that they needed to confront.

Except Troy. Poor Troy. – H

The Office

Love the cutaway to Ann Perkins. Wait, this isn’t Parks & Rec. The throwbacks to seasons past were great for longtime viewers. [yes! – S]

Lose the Boss and The Office just won’t be the same. The episode really highlighted how irreplaceable Michael truly is. – B

Just such a treat for us viewers who have kept watching in hopes that an excellent episode would come along. I love that it incorporated all the characters in a way that makes sense, and was hilarious. He did bring everyone together just to have a good time without caring about the outcome, like Oceans 11.

It’s great to see those moments of self-awareness that Michael has, though they are few and far between it’s always important to see that they exist, especially for Holly. – S

Parks and Recreation

Love the slip-ups by Leslie. We are colleagues with benefits. I was surprised though that she didn’t rescue Ben from the media attacks. It seemed out of character for her.

Lose the typewriter and Ron will kill us all. – B

I’m torn, I love April and Andy together, but I hate to see her throw away a real job and a chance at a future outside of Pawnee for such a loser. On that note, Anne needs to grow a backbone and tell Chris what she wants.

I was also shocked that Leslie didn’t jump to Ben’s defense. I’m still very intrigued by how their relationship will develop, I absolutely love them together, not sure if it’s a romantic thing though. – S

Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster. That is all. 😀 – H

30 Rock

Love the complex explanation.

Lose the simple explanation and the cat. – B

Jack eating the orange in the boardroom. Perfect.

Tampons in the mini fridge…gross. – S


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