Spying on The Perfect Proposal, B Discusses His Favourite Moments From “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”

Previously on The Party S felt like Chuck vs. The Push Mix was the Perfect end to a Season that isn’t done with us yet.


One word is all it takes to describe “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”. Josh Schwartz had been hyping the episode on his Twitter, and he did not disappoint. The plan, the birth, the proposal, everything was awesome. It has been difficult to write about this episode, because it was so good. Instead of typing I find myself watching the episode over and over again, admiring just how well the show is crafted.

The proposal was absolutely brilliant. The subtlety of such an important event, which has been years in the making, was the perfect contrast to everything that happened in the episode and the series so far. The spy world is brash and dramatic; plans are essential for success. Yet when it comes to love, spontaneous moments of intimacy and understanding are what truly make a relationship. What I found especially beautiful about the proposal was how removed the audience was from the scene. We have been part of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship since its inception and in many ways expected to be just as much a part of the proposal. Instead, we were assigned to the roles of spies as we watched from afar what was happening out of earshot. It was not necessary to hear what was being said, nor was it warranted – this was a private moment between lovers.

The reunions in the hospital are also worth highlighting as they are so illustrative of the show’s great relationships aside from Chuck and Sarah. First, when Sarah meets Casey after having almost just pushed him to his death.

I’m sorry I… I didn’t…
Glad you’re back.

The unwavering camaraderie and loyalty that Casey displays is beyond words. Only John Casey could forgive and even approve of what Sarah did to him.

Second, the line that encompasses the show in its entirety.

Are you family?

Even though only Chuck and Mama Bartowski are Ellie’s true relatives, everyone present knows that they are part of the family. Through the years, we have seen this group come together through life or death situations and form a bond stronger than kinship.

As much I love the family coming together for a happy ending (and it would have been a genius series finale), I hope that we haven’t seen the last of Alexei Volkoff. It has been a real pleasure to watch Timothy Dalton in the role, and I am looking forward to an even more exciting rivalry when he returns.

* There is so much that I wanted to discuss about last week’s episode. Unfortunately, certain circumstances were not conducive to writing a lot this past week. That is why my post is late and short – my apologies.

– B


2 thoughts on “Spying on The Perfect Proposal, B Discusses His Favourite Moments From “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”

  1. I love your analysis of our perspective of the proposal as being put in the role of spies! I also love how you touch on how much this show is really about camaraderie, trust, forgiveness and ultimately, all those things that make a family. It’s been a rough week but we’re glad to have you back at your keyboard. – S

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