Beckman and a Bazooka! B on “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible”

B saved up all his love for Chuck for one big day of blog posts. Read his review of “Chuck vs. The Push Mix” here.

Beckman was a dirty blonde?

Last week, S asked how much we love General Beckman. This week, we can answer that question with an unequivocal response – Beckman rules! I was literally on the floor laughing when she pulled out the bazooka. It was interesting to get a glimmer of Beckman’s past. The show has allowed us to explore each of the main character’s inner workings, but Beckman has largely been portrayed as a one-dimensional caricature. I appreciate the push towards humanizing the General while still acknowledging her superiority over everything and everyone.

Similar to Team Bartowski finding reprieve in a mission away from all of the baby and wedding nonsense, I was glad to get away from the Buy More for an episode. To be honest, I did think Jeffster’s “Push It” cover from last episode was both funny and well placed, but it was nice to be able to focus on the mission without being sidetracked by the Buy Morons.

Stand-alone mission episodes are fun, especially after the completion of a huge story arc like Volkoff. Yet, I am excited to see what the writers have come up with for the second half of the season. They have already started to introduce the potential for further investigation of Sarah’s family, beyond her father. I am sure Mama Bartowski will be doing something more than just babysitting, especially considering Ellie has given her the green light. And as I said before I hope Volkoff returns, even more deranged without Frost by his side.

S and H, what are your thoughts about Morgan getting involved with Casey and Alex’s
Mom? I’m sure you loved when Casey, without hesitation, volunteered to cut off his arm! And, how cute is Baby Awesome?

– B


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