Finally! A Cam-centric Episode – S on Bones 6×12 “The Sin in the Sisterhood”

I kind of think it’s hilarious when Bones tries to get topical like the time Booth & Brennan took a field trip to the Jersey Shore to study guidos. It might just be the recent explosion of the reality TV show Sister Wives that felt like Bones was trying to get in on the action.  I’m probably wrong and this topic had nothing to do with the TLC program. It was treated with subtlety and fit very nicely into the storyline lending a hand to a *very meaningful* exchange between Booth and Brennan at the end of the episode… but more on that later.

We haven’t had a Cam-centric episode in a while; I had forgotten how much I love her character. We so rarely see Cam and Booth interact that sometimes it’s easy to forget that they are good friends with a long past. It was nice to be reminded of that as she went to talk to Booth first about her problems in her love life. It was hilarious to watch her stomp around the office shooting guns trying to blow off steam. I’m proud of Cam, she took the best parts of the advice given to her by Angela and Booth and made it work.  Cam and the doc look really good together and he seems really sweet. Their scene at the Founding Fathers at the end was adorable.

While Cam spent the episode running around rather frantic, Booth seemed a little different as well. He was more pensive. From the point where he carefully answered Cam’s pleas for a friend’s advice to the carefully crafted (and very thinly veiled) conversation with Brennan in the Founding Fathers at the end of the hour he seemed to be quietly working out issues of his own. With Hannah nowhere in sight, it’s easy for us to see that the gears are turning inside his head, a nice carry over from the moment last week where he was staring (longingly) at Brennan through the shutters at the Royal Diner.

I realize I’ve skipped out on the case-of-the week, it was pretty simple, interesting and actually pretty fun – but I’m more interested in the relationships of our main characters. The idea of the polygamous marriage and being able to love more than one person, although always loving one the most was all we really needed to get out of it to mirror the events of our character’s lives.

The Founding Fathers ending scene, which I’ve already touched on a little was a bit of a turning point. It was beautifully framed with Booth and Brennan watching Cam from behind the bar as she let her guard down, smiled beautifully and enjoyed herself on a date that she really deserves. It was such a quietly touching moment as the pair discussed the case of the week. Booth explains that he feels that people can love more than one person, but there will always be that one person they love the most. Brennan in one of her moments of social awareness and subtlety relates this to their relationship and asks what happens if they’ve missed that person. Booth reassures her that the people who are meant to each other will always find their way back together. Here’s hoping the show gives that to us soon. They both know they love each other so just jump in with both feet!

Other Quick Notes:

Angela has amazing maternity wardrobe, it’s to be expected for her but still, she looks amazing!

I loved watching Booth and Brennan get into a more normal pattern for them, bantering in the car and arguing each from their own unique point of view. It was nice to see them agree in a very stubborn and roundabout way. Perfect for them.

The look on Wendell’s face when Bones started talking about how the joints of the victim indicated that he had a lot of sex. It reminded me of when Wendell first arrived and he thought that Bones was coming onto him.

Wendell is my favourite Sqwintern, I vote for Wendell to be in every episode instead of the continued rotation.

– S


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