The Importance of Our Olivia – S on Fringe 3×12 “Concentrate and Try Again”

The thing I love about Fringe is that it never fails to disappoint, week after week the show continues to gather momentum, building an intricate universe where worlds collide yet the story never feels too confusing or convoluted. I know that every week I will be impressed. I’m going to throw a few thoughts on the page and then leave the heavy lifting to H – our resident Fringe expert.

H – I know that as exciting as the Fringe in Formal wear previews were last week you were concerned that having Olivia in a dress (looking drop dead gorgeous I might add) would take away from the traditionally masculine role she embodies. Her ability to play this more masculine role and still own her femininity without spike heels and make up is what makes the character of Olivia so precious and unique that we don’t want her to change.

Alarm bells went off in my head when Olivia was confiding in Nina in the first moments of tonight’s episode. She appeared envious of Other-Olivia’s* femininity when she made the comment about the dress it seemed obvious that she was second guessing herself. It was breaking her heart and it broke mine too. Olivia is a beautiful and confident woman and it hurts to see her confidence falter. We also know that Peter loved her before he even knew the possibilities that he saw in Other-Olivia.

I want to add that I really like the choice of Nina for Olivia’s confidant, Olivia does not open up to people easily, or at all really.  It made sense that she would confide in someone close enough that she could trust, but at the same time far enough removed from her everyday life.

In this episode Olivia maintained her in charge character even while decked out at a black-tie event. She was still the primary agent taking on the role of alpha in the way that she spoke to the other agents at the event and how she handled Simon and then saved the day. At the same time as the episode came to a close her concerns about whether she was as good as Other-Olivia, or as attractive to Peter remained. It feels right; Olivia’s issues with her Other self is an ongoing issue. If only she knew how important her relationship with Peter is in the scheme of things… there’s always next week.

A few more thoughts before I hand the reigns to H:

  • I really liked that in an episode featuring real mind-reading capabilities there was a lot of other mind-reading going on. We saw a father’s instinct where Walter promises Peter that Olivia will be alright. We also saw the mind-reading games that people play when figuring out relationships. Olivia trying to get into Peter’s head and the other way around.
  • I loved the return of Sam Weiss in the bowling alley. He is such an interesting character and I look forward to hopefully seeing more of him.
  • Simon the mind reader was looking mighty rough – I didn’t think he would make it through the episode. I’m glad he did.
  • I was pleased that although this episode was largely stand-alone focusing on the case-of-the-week we were brought back to the reprecussions of Walter’s Cortexiphan experiments through the inclusion of Sam in the central plot
  • Did Peter still have a case or the murderies this week? Did I miss it?
  • I have the same kettle that they found on the stove in the marine’s apartment – different coloured handle but still – go me!

Since last week have your feelings changed about what we should be calling Olivia from the other world? What do you think about the show-down of the Olivias? Never has a love-triangle been to important! I can’t wait to hear what you though of this week’s episode.

Take it away H!

* Since the moment in last week’s episode when both Olivia and Peter deemed Fauxlivia to be well… not fake I’ve decided to revert back into calling her “other-Olivia”, for story’s sake or some such.


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