It’s not the Series Finale, So What! S on “Chuck vs. The Push Mix”

Oh Chuck, so glad to have you back. I mean the lanky guy with the goofy smile and really good problem solving skills and his sidekick, Morgan. In “Chuck vs. The Push Mix” we still had super agent Chuck, but he went back to basics crafting a plan reminiscent of the push pins and maps we saw at the beginning of the season on Morgan and Chuck’s road trip. I love it.

We need office supplies?

No Morgan, we need a plan.

As you may know, this episode was written so it could be a series finale if need be. I have to say, if it were, it would be a spectacular finale. So much story, so quickly, lots of love and just enough action/thriller to make a perfect ending to Chuck. That being said, I’m thrilled that it’s not, and there is so much story to cover here!

I love the continued story of Awesome being completely unnerved about the uncertainties surrounding a baby and fatherhood. His reaction to Ellie saying that her water broke was priceless. Quick cuts around the apartment to the various parts of his plan as he realizes that he isn’t ready, and then the look on his face is priceless! Although it’s probably far from realistic, Ellie’s almost zen attitude as she has quickly showered and then takes over her own delivery is perfect for her character, and once again shows us how fantastically compatible the Awesome’s are.  Captain Awesome is in fact, all sorts of amazing, but he does have his flaws. As we learned before, he is a terrible liar which is something we can live with, I’m thinking this freaking out about being the perfect father is something he’ll learn to get over fast. Casey’s pep-talk was a great kick in the pants for him to get on the right track, pretty cheesy but with the just coming out of a coma thing I’ll let that slide.

I’m glad Casey was able to muster the breaths to clear up the Sarah isn’t really evil confusion right at the beginning of the episode, and that Chuck was seeing clearly enough to put the pieces together. I’ve already declared my love for Casey and his character development especially over this season and with his relationship with his daughter Alex. I did find myself thinking who appointed Casey the pep-talk guy, but looking at the rest of the characters around him, Awesome falling to pieces, Chuck & Sarah with emotional uncertainties and … Jeffster, Casey is the most grounded and with the most level head on his shoulders, even after a nearly life threatening fall. For all of this I have to say I only love him more.

Now the action…

I love the return to the Bond but just…way goofier as Chuck and Morgan climb onto The Contessa, Morgan has slid into the role that Chuck used to occupy as he informs us that he is wearing nothing but his underwear beneath his squeaky and very conspicuous wetsuit. This information was very important because of his spectacular maneuvering through laser beams to get to the control room due to his non-spy related yoga skills.

It was about this time in the episode as our heroes (Chuck, Morgan, Sarah and Mama B) were crowded into the control room that things started circling and became kinda scary. Would Mama B sacrifice herself for her son? Well yes, and she risked her life to allow her son and his friends to escape.

Fortunately for her, Volkoff’s jealousy and obsession with her was strong enough to save her from what looked like could have been a severe neck snapping.  Team Bartowski had brilliantly used Volkoff’s creepy obsession with Frost for part 2 of their intricate plan by using the late-Mr. Bartowski’s alias Orion to invoke a jealous rage. This is where it got delicate.

Chuck’s meeting with Volkoff in the cabin in the woods was terrifying. I had faith in Chuck, and Sarah, and Morgan, but I felt myself holding my breath the entire time, I had no idea what was coming (except baby Awesome and that just added to the suspense!). Chuck played Volkoff perfectly, and I loved the reminder that Chuck hates to use a gun.

There was a moment though, when Volkoff’s goons were out after Chuck’s friends and family where they cut away from Casey just a few moments long enough that my mind wondered… and then was brought back by his miraculous strength and attack by bonsai tree. That’s our Casey, always having a weapon nearby.

Again, the suspense was so well done, between Chuck with Volkoff, Mama B stuck with Volkoff’s men, Ellie and Awesome having the baby and of course, it wouldn’t be Chuck if Jeffster didn’t decide to hold the maternity ward hostage with their take of Salt n Pepa’s “Push it”.

The final few minutes of this episode were just what we needed. General Beckman arriving with the army Chuck required, Morgan bursting through the door with the news that Ellie was in labour and then the reunion at the hospital.

This was the perfect proposal scene; we had already seen Chuck goof the “perfect” proposal many times. After all the talk of plans in this episode, and all season, the proposal was the moment that really didn’t need one. It was so satisfying to see Chuck understand this, and in the hall of the hospital with a janitor buffing the floors he knew that all he needed was the girl, he pulled out the ring box got on one knee. With the floor buffer in the foreground, we peaked into the private moment between Chuck and Sarah as she leaned down, smiled and silently accepted his proposal. This was so understated that it was the only way to end this episode so full of highs.

Chuck vs. The Push Mix was so many shades of awesome, and it really felt like a season finale so it feels sort of strange that we’re right back to it next week. And I’m so happy that we are.

B, I know you’ve also had a hard time processing *everything* that happened in this episode, and I’m sure that I missed a lot. How did you feel about the family reunion? The way Awesome pretty much became mute at the thought of water breaking before schedule? And what did you think of the proposal?  Most importantly… how much do we love General Beckman?


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