Secondary Characters & Homicidal Tendencies – S on Fringe 3×11 “Reciprocity”

H, I love your analysis of “Reciprocity”, I had watched the episode twice before reading and things really started to gel for me on the third viewing although I’m still a little fuzzy on all the details, specifically Peter’s newfound shape shifter hunting hobby, there seems to be more to that than this episode let on. Your description of the tone of the episode feeling “off kilter” was spot on.

When you mention enjoying watching Astrid and Broyles work together as co-conspirators that struck a chord for me. Watching them working on the case and trying to keep the involved parties out of the investigation (something Castle and Bones could learn something from). I think that it was the shift of weight to the prominence of the working relationship of Astrid and Broyles taking charge of the case this week instead of Olivia taking lead with Peter and Walter in tow that altered the perspective of this slightly skewed episode. In this same episode Nina was featured prominently among the usual lead characters having her taking a larger role in the scientific side of the investigation. To me this was another slight shift in focus to a secondary character that added to the vibe that something wasn’t quite as usual or as usual as anything can be on Fringe.

I too loved Olivia discovering that her alternate is in fact a whole developed person so close to herself and finding a connection with the person she had previously identified as an enemy, an invader. I found this very nicely countered with Peter’s developments with the “over-theres”. It was his comment to Walter, that the shape shifters from over-there that he had been hunting weren’t even human, but soldiers trained to kill him that felt like the reverse of Olivia’s revelation.  She was warming to them and he had become cold and calculating.

There are so many questions that need to be answered and I’ve got no theories for you. I’m very interested in how much the machine is really responsible for Peter’s new homicidal adventures, and how much of this new behaviour is influenced by his shady criminal past, or if there is another element at play.

In the worlds of Fringe anything is possible. I think characters will meet again, worlds will collide. A war is being waged and I can’t wait to see where all the chips fall.

Until next #FringeFriday,



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