S loves Casey and is so over the angst “Chuck vs. The Gobbler”

Firstly, thanks B for finding that Miike Snow song that capped of this week’s episode so nicely.

Read what B had to say about Chuck vs. The Gobbler here

I was conflicted after watching this episode because I loved the classic Chuck feel I got from this episode with those tense character building moments and intense yet hilarious action/mission sequences. At the same time I feel like the retread of old themes did the show a disservice.  Last week I was so pleased with how tensions were created and new storylines were built without breaking up Chuck and Sarah. I was so proud that the show was able to create compelling story without the annoying will they/wont they. Here we are this week with a misunderstanding of intentions and Sarah’s closed off nature taking over thereby creating an uncertainty that was exciting in the early episodes but disappointing at this point in the series.

I’ve always held a very special place in my heart for Casey. I love him because he is gruff, ruthless and fiercely loyal. It’s always been the loyalty that has made him excellent at his job as a military man it has also been this trait that has made his life complicated. It was his toughness that had allowed him to function so highly in his capacity at the NSA.  Over the course of the series we’ve seen the development of Casey’s character into a hard ass who appreciates some good violence (his admiration of The Gobbler’s work) who since becoming party of Team Bartowski, but mostly since meeting his daughter Alex, has really developed a softer side where he (begrudgingly) admits that he cares about the people around him, and makes an effort to help them.

I’ve got so much love for Casey’s story, and his endless commitment to his team and to his job. I hope he recovers from his injuries soon. I have to admit I held my breath when Sarah pushed him through the window then let out a gasp when he fell to the ground. I look forward to seeing where he develops from here both with his team and with his daughter.

[Aside: More Alex!!! More Back to the Future!! Morgan is fantastic!!]

Speaking of daughters (and glaringly obvious segues!) I was thrilled to get my dose of Mr. & Mrs. Awesome this week as Ellie slyly tricked Devin into finally agreeing on a name. Although the story as a whole was not tied to the A plot, I liked how it organically involved all of the characters, even the BuyMorons. I love watching Captain Awesome flailing into fatherhood, he and Ellie are adorable!

H, do you think Casey has gone soft? What about the new hurdle for Chuck & Sarah? And really, what’s up with Chuck’s Mom and Volkoff? Can we trust her?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

–          S


4 thoughts on “S loves Casey and is so over the angst “Chuck vs. The Gobbler”

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