How Much Will Hair Colour Change Sarah? B on Chuck vs. The Gobbler

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The reason you’re going to trust me, is because I’m not going kill you, right here and right now.
You, are such fun!

Who loves badass Sarah in a leather catsuit? I do. Volkoff does. Chuck on the other
hand – not so much. I mean you can love someone, but when she throws your friend
out of a building, you start to question the butterflies.

The great thing about this week’s episode was it really brought back those classic
Chuck moments that made the initial seasons so great. Don’t get me wrong. I have
loved every minute of this season; but I don’t think I’m alone when I say that
the show has changed. The evolution of Chuck as a show has really followed the
development of its characters and their stories rather than forcing the opposite.
That is what makes the show so great. Yet, there is something truly special about the
first few episodes of the series. At least for me, this episode gave me a reminder of
why I first got hooked on the show in the first place.

All of the moments were there: Sarah kicking ass and only revealing her true
feelings from the depths of her eyes; Casey being the ruff and tough fall guy, literally;
Chuck not really knowing the whole truth behind what the team is up to; and the
emotional montage backed by a superb song. By the way, the final song of this
week’s episode was Silvia by Miike Snow.

We have always known that Sarah can take on a cover persona with ease; she’s been
doing it for most of her life. What will be interesting to see is how she transitions
back to the Sarah that we know and love, and more importantly the Sarah that
Chuck loves. I am certain she won’t regress back to the person she was in Season 1,
but I would guess that working for Volkoff will have a definite effect on her, as it did
Chuck’s mother.

It gets easier. Distance

Baby Awesome has a name! Clara Woodcomb will be arriving soon. I am still
undecided on the name. It is definitely better than a set of Ikea spoons but I haven’t
decided if it’s awesome just yet. One thing I do know is that with Ellie and Devon as
parents, she will be adorable. Also cute this episode was Alex and how much Morgan
has fallen for her, though I did find that the relationship has seemingly advanced
very quickly without much screen time. I’m a fan of Alex and think that she could be
written in more often.

If Josh Schwartz’s Tweets (@JoshSchwartz76) are to be trusted then we are in for a big episode next week. The last five minutes are apparently the best five minutes Chuck has ever done. I know I’ll be watching. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments, and keep an eye out for what H and S think. I’m sure they have lots to say about Casey!

– B

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