Group Dynamics and Little White Lies: Bones “The Body in the Bag”

My favourite part of “The Body in the Bag” was how true to life the awkward life moments felt. There was Clark attempting to fit in with the “group” at the Jeffersonian, and Hannah attempting to deal (without dealing) with the new information about how deep the connection between Booth and Brennan really goes.

I really felt for Clark. It’s hard to fit into a new workspace, especially one with such a tightly knit group like the squints and Booth at the Jeffersonian. The closed off male learning to share and not understanding the boundaries and social etiquette that accompanies that behavior is not a new concept for TV. Here it worked perfectly, in a workplace where co-workers routinely over share and are in personal relationships it is much trickier to understand where you fit.  It highlighted that Clark is still an outsider even when he tries to adapt his behavior to fit in; he is still rebuffed by the group. I loved the depiction of the outsider attempting to navigate the waters of appropriate at a new workplace; I’ve been there, we all have. A new place with new people with their own routines and expectations. I really appreciated the humour and awkwardness about Clark’s clumsy foray into “sharing” that felt so real.

Finally a Hannah story that I can get behind. I say this as a true Booth & Brennan shipper but really, this one worked for me.  No one wants to hear the details of their current S/O’s former love interest, it’s only worse if the supposedly former interest and your S/O are co-workers, and close friends. Although it obviously would have been a worse all around if Booth had kept Brennan’s confession of her feelings to him from Hannah, my heart broke a little for Brennan when she realized that Booth had told her. Booth and Brennan share special bond and she had expected that she could share her feelings with her in confidence; his sharing that with Hannah hurt and we could see it all over her face.

The best part about Hannah finding out how deep the feelings between Booth and Brennan went (and we know still do) was her reaction, it was perfect. She did what I think a lot of us would do and tried to be as cool about it as possible… by avoiding the issue.  Little white lies were employed, a social code that Brennan needs a little help with, to avoid the situation and just… not talk about that thing that no one really wants to talk about. Of course, resolved over a few rounds of drinks and still not really talking about it too much.

AND …The case of the week was great; often we get a simple (but gory) case and focus more strongly on the characters’ storylines; this is great since Bones really is more about its characters than the average serial crime drama.   In this episode we got an interesting case of the week with a great twist and a mystery that lasted throughout the episode with little pieces that helped our characters move along on their paths (Hogins & Angela).

Was Clark oversharing or was the group just not used to his openness? Do we love or hate the resolution (for now) of Brennan’s confession of her feelings to Booth? I’m with Clark, my money’s on Booth and Dr. B, somewhere down the line.

– S


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